Home delivery of liquor may be legalized in Maharashtra: New policy to reduce drunken driving

The Maharashtra Government is planning to legalize home delivery of liquor in Maharashtra. They are working on new policy with alcohol will be permitted to be sold online like groceries. People can order liquor online which will be delivered to their homes. The government wants to reduce the accidents due to drunk drivers. Majority of the accidents in the state and across India happens due to them. With the new policy national and international e-Commerce websites will be able to sell liquor online.

The new policy is expected to save precious lives and will also save time and efforts of those who need to step out for purchasing liquor. It is also expected to create jobs for youth interested in logistics / home delivery services. The permit charges are Rs. 5 per day, Rs. 100 per year and Rs. 1000 for lifetime. The policy will also make sure that there are unlimited choices for the alcohol consumers and quality is not compromised.

The new policy may also act as game changer for the liquor industry. It is expected to increase the liquor consumption and liquor sale. The government is also expected to be benefited by the new policy as government levies heavy taxes on the liquor and major part of the government tax revenues comes from the liquor sales tax.

It will also reduce percentage of rash driving under the influence of alcohol. Many of those innocent lives will be saved who met with an accident due to alcoholic drivers.

Delivery Bombay Prohibition Act: Age limit, permit, penalty for possession & sale of liquor
Delivery Bombay Prohibition Act: Age limit, permit, penalty for possession & sell of liquor

Though the liquor will be sold online with the new policy but all the restrictions w.r.t. sale, possession and consumption of alcohol remains as is. Possessing, consuming and selling liquor with out permission is a crime under Bombay Prohibition Act. The online sellers will be required to make sure that they are not selling the alcohol to the buyers less than 21 years of age. They may be asked to ask for and verify AADHAR details of the buyers.

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