Home Stay Policy Scheme Uttarakhand: Rs. 10 lakh subsidy to start homestay

The Uttarakhand Government has announced Home Stay Policy Scheme in Uttarakhand to promote tourism and employment opportunities in hilly areas in the state. Government will provide subsidy of Rs. 10 lakh to start homestays at houses of the local residents in the mountainous area in Uttarakhand. Government has setup guidelines for converting houses to home stays under the policy.

In addition to the subsidy government will also provide tax exemption of upto Rs. 1.5 lakh on interest for first five years. The scheme is applicable to locals in the plains as well. They too can convert their houses to home stays. The subsidy for the residents in the plains is Rs. 7.5 lakhs. Government is aiming to boost tourism industry in the state and create self-employment and employment opportunities in the state. The policy is implemented starting 20th April 2018.

Home Stay Policy Objectives:

  • To stop migration from the hilly areas
  • To promote and boost tourism
  • To create more jobs and income generation opportunities for locals
  • To provide platform to promote local food and culture for locals

Home Stay Policy Benefits:

  • Rs. 10 lakh subsidy for converting houses to home stay in the hilly areas
  • Rs. 7.5 lakh subsidy for converting houses to home stay in plains
  • Tax exemption of Rs. 1.5 lakh for first 5 years
  • Locals can earn additional income buy selling local food and cultural items
  • Interested candidates will be given training in hospitality management
  • Government will develop infrastructure facilities in the villages where there are more than 6 home stays

Eligibility under Home Stay Policy: Who can start home stays?

  • The policy is applicable for residents of Uttarkhand only
  • People leaving in mountains areas and in plain can convert houses to home stay & get subsidy
  • Home stay needs to compulsorily provide food to the tourists
  • Houses with minimum one room and maximum six houses are eligible for conversion to home stay

Government is planning to convert 5000 residential houses to home stays and provide subsidy to them by year 2020.

How to apply online for Home Stay Policy Scheme?

The Uttarkhand government is planning to launch a website and a mobile app for online application for Home Stay Policy. Application forms and all the other details will be available on the portal. Tourists will be able to book home stays for their visits on the portal and app. Presently interested applicants can inquire in the Social Welfare office for application form and registration for Home Stay.

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