Integrated Child Development Scheme (ICDS)

Integrated Child Development Scheme (ICDS) is the scheme by Govt. of India and is active since 1975. But recently the scheme got updated looking at current problems children facing. The scheme takes care that child’s nutritional, educational and health related issues are resolved and a child is having perfect and safe environment to live in. The scheme also focuses on parents financial conditions so that child does not face hard times. The rural areas are its main target since the facilities are not easily available there which are necessary to lead a better life.

Benefits of Integrated Child Development Scheme:

  • Supplementary Nutrition: The scheme assures that a child in the rural area get nutrition which is good in quality and quantity.
  • Medical Check-ups: There are cheaper and much better medical services provided under this scheme to make healthier tomorrow.
  • Immunizations: takes care of regular campaigns to provide rural children with vaccinations for various epidemics and harmful diseases.
  • Pre-school education: Establishment of nurseries and play houses for children as a part of pre-school education services.
  • Nutrition & Health awareness camps: Regular camps are organized to make people aware of the importance of nutrition & health.
  • Recommendation Services: tried to keep the scheme as flexible as it can and so the services which people or any NGO thinks is essential for the betterment of children and rural people and if it’s recommended even that camps are also organized.
  • Financial assistance: Families with low income/no income are given guidance or assistance to lead the better life.

Eligibility for Integrated Child Development Scheme

  1. Any person who is below poverty line irrespective of place he/she lives is eligible for the scheme. But the scheme is much more active in rural areas. It is the responsibility of Aangan Wadi workers to extract the data from their locality and bring the scheme into action in that area.

Document required for the scheme

  1. BPL card to show poverty status.
  2. Ration Card for the proof of family members.
  3. Child’s Birth Certificate.
  4. Child’s Medical Reports (in case of any illness).
  5. Family’s income proof (to get financial/guidance to mother).

Whom to contact and where to contact for getting benefits of Integrated Child Development Scheme.

  1. Aangan Wadi centers are the functioning body in the scheme, so the best option to contact will be this center.
  2. Gram Panchayats.

Online Form to enroll for the scheme:

  1. The scheme is active at the very ground level, to apply for the scheme application form are available at the particular area of requirement. Please visit local centers for the form.

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