International Music Day

21th of June is celebrated as the International Music Day . Each year 120 countries in the world celebrated world Music Day. It is a day of music where all kinds of musician are allowed to encourage to perform their music in free public space without any restriction

History: The International Music Day was first celebrated in France in1982. French Minister of Culture Jack Lang conceived the idea in 1981. Since then the day has been celebrated every year as the World Music Day.

Why music is important: If there is one common language understood by the entire world, it is that of music . Music helps every one for developing ideas. Music helps to change your mood and make to feel emotions. Music plays an important role in the society and helps to bring people together, some of the people say that music is the key to connect with God. Music helps to build imagination and intellectual curiosity. Music gives us confidence and develop better communication for everyone.

Music In India: Music has been planing very important role in the Indian person’s life. There are different forms of music in India such as Indian classical music, folk music, Hindustani music and filmy music.

  • Classical Music: Indian classical music is one of the most complete and complex music system. Classical music contains two types 1. Hindustani Music 2. Carnetic Music
  • Folk Music: Folk music consist according to state and region sum of this are Quallis music, Dandiya music, Bhangra music, Harayanvi music, Gazal music, Rajasthani music and Modern music

Other News in short:

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