ISRO Set New Record

What a Proud Moment ! India create record, India took a high jump in space technology when the Indian Space Research Organization(ISRO) was launched 20 satellites into orbit in single 26 minute on June of 22, 2016 from “the Satish Dhawan Space Center” in Sriharikota, Andhra Pradesh. PSLV C34 successfully puts 20 satellites into orbit . It includes 17 satellites of 4 foreign countries (13 satellite from U.S, 2 satellites from Canada,1 from Germany and 1from Indonesia) and 2 students satellites 1 is from Chenai’s Satyabama University and another is from “College of engineering, Pune University and one is India’s Cartosat-2 series satellites which provide remote sensing service and earth observation and imaging satellite from foreign countries. Total weight of 20 satellites is about 1288 kg

PSLV C34: Polar Satellite launch Vehicle is an expendable launch vehicle system developed by ISRO. It developed to allow India to launch its Remote sensing satellites. PSLV continues to support India and foreign satellite especially for low orbit satellite and PSLV C34 ( Cartosat 2 series satellite ) was the 36 missions of the program.

Indian Satellites :

  1. Cartosat 2 series: Is a fifth flight unit of cartosat series of satellite build by Indian Space Research Organization which is wait 725.5 kg. Cartosat means map the cartographic information of earth’s surface.I will be useful for cartographic application, rural and urban application, utility management like as road network monitoring, water distribution, creation of land, use map to bring out geographical and man made features.
  2. SATHYABAMASAT: Wait of satellite is 1.5 kg build from Chennai’s Satyabama University
  3. SWAYAM: Wait of satellite is just 1 kg build by College of engineering , Pune

Foreign Satellite:

  • U. S : Thirteen satellite from united state. Including 12 earth imaging dove satellite from planet lab organization. Wait of satellite just 4.7 kg each (Planet Lab: It is an American earth imaging private company founded by former NASA scientist Chris Boshcuizes, Will Marshell and Rubi Schingles (Earth observation satellite are used for earth observation from orbit like as an environmental monitoring, metro-logy and mapping)). And one was 170 kg Sky sat Gen 2.1 which is owned by Google is the small earth imaging satellite can capture sub-meter resolution imagery and high defense video.
  • 2 satellite of Canada,
  • 1 satellite of Germany
  • 1satelite of Indonesia

World Record: ISRO set a World Record for the highest no of satellite launched in single mission, earlier that on June , 2008 ISRO launched 10 satellite

Total weight of 20 satellite is about 1288 kg



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