How to get Disability Certificate in Punjab / पंजाब में विकलांगता प्रमाणपत्र प्राप्त करने की प्रक्रिया

पंजाब में विकलांगता प्रमाणपत्र प्राप्त करने की प्रक्रिया (हिन्दी में)

The Disability Certificate is going to give to the people of Punjab. Disability Certificate is the essential document avail the services offered by the Punjab Government to its citizens. Disability Certificate is the important certificate. The Disability Certificate is not just a document for a person with disability but a proof of his/her disability and an important document for availing the benefits/facilities/rights that they belong to, from the Central as well as State Government

What is Disability certificate: Disability certificate is proof of a person is Disable. Disability Certificate allows any candidate to avail services offered by the Punjab Government.

Who can apply for Disability certificate in Punjab:

  1. Applicant who is Born Punjab state
  2. Applicant who is Disable

Documents required for application of Disability certificate in Punjab:

  1. Residence proof
  2. Scanned Passport size photograph

Online application Procedure to obtain Disability certificate in Punjab:

  1. Go to the official website of Punjab Government:
  2. ( )
  3. If you are not already registered with this portal then register yourself first, click Here for Registration on Government of Punjab official portal: 
  4. After successful Registration, go to the online services section which is on home page, then Department of Health and family welfare and choose the Disability certificate and click on that
  5. Now here, on this page you will see apply online for Issuance of Disability certificate kindly click on that
  6. After that, you will be sent to this page, where you have to log in
  7. Now you will see fresh application, click on that
  8. Here you can see several certificates, find the Disability certificate which is present below and click on apply button
  9. Now you will see two alternatives, one is offline application and second is online application, you choose any one of them
  10. For online application choose Alternative 2 and click on given link
  11. Now you will come to this page, here you can see application form kindly specify required information and verify your information before pressing submit Button
  12. Now you should complete the remaining form till the completion of application

Offline application Procedure to obtain Disability certificate in Punjab:

  1. Applicant may apply offline for Disability Certificate in Punjab
  2. Applicant can download the required application form using following website:
  3. Applicant should download application form at the same time candidate must be filled it and attached required documents will be submitted to the concerned authority



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