Karnataka Plot Scheme: govt to distribute plots to caste groups

The Government of Karnataka has announced a Plot Scheme. Under the scheme the state government will be allotting land to the different caste and religious groups for educational purposes. The government has 17,000 to 18,000 acres of land which will be used for plot allotment.

The state cabinate has approved the allotment of 58.20 acres of land, out of the 96.12 acres of government kharab gomal land in Bangalore. 36 such caste groups are identified under the scheme to which the land will be alloted. The land will be given on the lease basis. Many of the caste groups had requested the state government for the land in Bengaluru for welfare of their communities and for educational purposes.

Ahinda communities (backward classes, dalits and minorities) are going to be bigger beneficiaries of the Plot Scheme. Other caste communities who will be given the plots are Vishwakarmas, Devadigas, Savitha Samaja,Valmiki Nayakas,  Kururbara Sangha, Uppara Samaja, Kunchatigas, Arya Idigas, Tigalas, Ganga Matasthas, Yadava, Kaginele Kanaka Peeta, Ganigas, Malankara Syrian Trust, Bangalore Pentecostal Felowship, the Anglo-Indian Association and a Muslim orphanage.


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