Khelo India Scheme: govt to provide 5 lakh sponsorship to 1000 athletes

The Government of India is planning to launch Khelo India Programme to promote sports culture in India. The Union Minister of Sports and Youth Affairs Rajyavardhan Rathore said that the government will be focusing on infrastructure development along with financial assistance to the athletes in India. Khelo India scheme is a national level scheme and government will be investing in soft infrastructure as well along with infrastructure development. Most of the students players has good capabilities but they never get opportunity and most of them need financial assistance, government is planning to help them wit Khelo India mission.

Selection procedure for Khelo India Programme:

  • Students are selected for regional level based on their skill and performance at school level
  • Subsequently based on their performance at regional level they are chosen for national level

Government of India will host a 6 day national level event which will be boradcasted live over the national television. All the players will be chosen from the school level. They all will be given accommodation in 3 start hotels during the event. Government will select 1000 players based on this event and will provide sponsorship of Rs. 5,000 for eight years. Every year government will be adding 1000 players in the pool. In 5 years government is planning to create a bunch of 5,000 such players who will be getting government sponsorship. Government has allocated Rs. 250 crores for the Khelo India Scheme according to the Minister Rathod.

Highlights of Khelo India Scheme:

  • Government of India to promote sports culture in India and support athletes
  • Government to provide sport infrastructure for students and sports persons across country
  • A national level sports event will be organized by government which will be broadcasted live on national television for 6 days
  • 1000 students will be selected from the event and be given sponcership of Rs. 5 lakh every year for eight years


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