Kisan Suvidha / mKisan App: All in one app for farmers to provide weather updates, crop prices & agricultural advice

Download the Kisan Suvidha / mKisan mobile app for latest mandi rates, weather updates, dealers, crop protection advice

The Ministry of Agriculture & Farmer Welfare has launched Kisan Suvidha / mKisan App for the farmers in the country. It is an all in one mobile app which provide weather update, latest mandi rates for various crops across the country, agricultural advice & many other agricultural services. The app is developed by Mobile Seva Team at C-DAC. Kisan Suvidha is a free mobile app & all the farmers can download & install the app on their smartphones. The Department of Agriculture Cooperation & Farmer`s Welfare provides all the agricultural services on the app.

Kisan Suvidha App:A mobile app for the farmers
Launched By:Ministry of Agriculture & Farmer Welfare, Government of India
Download:CLICK HERE to download the Kisan Suvidha App from Google Play Store / /

Kisan Suvidha / mKisan App Features & Services:

  • Get weather updates for next 5 days
  • Get latest crop prices from various mandi`s across India
  • List of dealer, agricultural traders along with their details
  • Agricultural advice
  • Plant & crop protection advice
  • Extreme weather alerts
  • Market prices for commodities
  • Maximum prices of various crops across state

The Kisan Suvidha app is available in various popular Indian languages. Farmers can choose their language to interact with the app & get information. The primary objective of the app is to empower farmers with information. The weather updates & extreme weather updates/alerts on the app helps farmer be prepared & protect their crop & cattle. Latest market prices of various crop will help farmers get best prices for their crops.


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