Maternity Benefit For Construction Workers

Women are no less than men in any term and they proved that women are also strong and can go till any extent to serve her and her family. But when it comes on pregnancy she needs proper care. There are many women construction workers who are working hard day and night and serving others to earn livelihood but when it is their pregnancy period they suffer a lot financially. So, for their welfare Orissa Government came up with the scheme where only women beneficiaries can avail the benefit. The scheme is Maternity Benefit for Construction Worker under which the women construction worker can get financial assistance during their pregnancy or after pregnancy when they are lactating. To avail the benefits beneficiary has to be registered with the Odisha Building and Odisha Construction Worker Welfare Board for minimum 1 year.

Benefits of Maternity Benefit for Construction Worker:

  • Financial assistance: Under the scheme women beneficiary can avail the financial assistance of Rs. 8000 during her pregnancy
  • Healthy baby: Healthy mother will lead to healthy mother and ultimately health family. During pregnancy keeping mother healthy is the most important thing and with this assistance women can have a healthy life

Eligibility for Maternity Benefit for Construction Worker:

  1. Worker must be Orissa state resident
  2. Only pregnant women beneficiaries are eligible
  3. Construction Worker must be registered with Odisha Building & Odisha Construction Worker Welfare Board for minimum of 1 years

Documents Required:

  1. BPL card
  2. Agreement signed paper with Odisha Building & Odisha Construction Worker Welfare Board
  3. Certificate from the construction company for whom he/she is working and in which state they are working
  4. Resident Proofs (Voter Id, Aadhar Card, Electricity bill (if any), Driving license)
  5. Aadhar Card
  6. Medical reports

Application form:

To get the benefit of the scheme and get grant sanctioned beneficiary only need to visit Dist. Labour Officer and apply for the grant. The process is very simple and user friendly

Contact Details:

Odisha Building & Odisha Construction Worker Welfare Board,
Office of the Labour Commissioner, Odisha
Address: Unit-3, Kharavel Nagar, Bhubaneshwar, Odisha


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