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The government of Meghalaya has launched the official portal for Employee State Insurance(ESI) Scheme. The objective of this scheme is to provide Social Security and Medical Care Services to all ESI beneficiaries of the state. The labor department implements the various schemes for the labor in the state. ESI is one of the important scheme for them. Laborers are the marginalized section of the society. The labor department has many schemes which benefits laborer but many of them are not aware of the benefits. There is need to create awareness for providing information about the department schemes to the laborer. To make sure every one know the schemes for them and can easily apply and avail benefits the state government has launched a portal/website for ESI which can be accessed at the website The portal can be used to know the details, eligibility, documents required for application of various ESI schemes and application details.

What is the Employee State Insurance(ESI) Scheme? The government of Meghalaya scheme for employees to provide social security and medical care services to all ESI beneficiaries of the state.

Employee State Insurance(ESI) Scheme: Objectives

  • To provide social security to all ESI beneficiaries
  • To provide quality medical care services to ESI beneficiaries
  • To ensure smooth delivery of a medical benefit to ESI beneficiaries
  • To make sure that all eligible ESI beneficiaries get a benefit they are eligible for

Employee State Insurance(ESI) Scheme: Eligibility/Who can apply?

  • All kind of laborers in the state
  • The laborer from the weaker section of the society in Meghalaya

Employee State Insurance(ESI) Scheme: Benefits

The ESIS scheme provide laborer two types of benefit: Cash Benefits and Medical Benefits

Cash Benefits: Cash benefits comprises following benefits

  1. Sickness Benefit
  2. Extended Sickness Benefit
  3. Enhanced Sickness Benefit
  4. Maternity Benefit
  5. Dependent Benefit
  6. Disablement Benefit
  7. Funeral Benefit
  8. The ESI Corporation is administered all these benefits through their local offices in Shillong and Byrnihat

Medical Benefits: 

  1. The state government has established dispensaries to provide the medical benefits
  2. Total 361 establishments are covered under Shillong ESI Dispensary and 132 establishments are covered under Byrnihat
  3. Reasonable medical, surgical and obstetric treatment will be provided to the eligible laborer
  4. The beneficiaries will get the treatment as per live list prepared by the Regional Office ESI Corporation
  5. There is no limit on the expenditure on the treatment of Insured Person or his family members
  6. Retired and permanently disabled insured person or their spouses will get medical care on payment of the annual premium of Rs 120
  7. 7:1 is the ration of contribution to the scheme from corporation and state government

Employees’ State Insurance(ESI) Scheme: How to apply?

The applicant who wants to avail the benefits of the scheme, have to download the application form and they have to submit to the concerned authority. The detailed procedure to download the application form is as follows:

  • STEP 1: CLICK HERE to go the official website of the ESI Scheme portal
  • STEP 2: Click on the option Download Forms present in the menu
  • STEP 3: Click Here to download the Reimbursement Form
  • STEP 4: Click Here to download the Essential Certificate

Employees’ State Insurance(ESI) Scheme: Implementation & Highlights

  • This portal was launched by the government of Meghalaya
  • The objective of this scheme is to provide social security and medical care services to all ESI beneficiaries of the state
  • The labor department of the state has implemented the welfare schemes for the laborers in the state
  • The portal is created to create awareness for providing information about the department schemes to the laborer
  • The state government has launched the new ESI portal which can be accessed at the website

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