Minor Irrigation Scheme

Minor irrigation loan is available for financing farmers  which is provided for Sinking a well/ repair or deepening of well, Sinking a tube well, Installation of an electric/ diesel pump set, Drip irrigation system, Sprinkler irrigation system, Laying irrigation channels/ pipelines, Farm pond/water tank, Composite minor irrigation which includes more than one purpose mentioned above. All farmers such as small/marginal/large farmers are eligible for financing for the installation of drip/sprinkler irrigation system. In the minor irrigation loan facility, the Bank provides financial assistance for exploitation of groundwater (sinking of the well), water lifting devices and distribution arrangement. The activities which can be considered for financing under Minor Irrigation include Lift Irrigation, Well Irrigation, Electric Motor & Pump set, Diesel Engine, Construction of pump house/ water delivery channel, Payment of deposit to the State Electricity Board also be considered, any other type of need-based facility/construction suitable to the topography of the agricultural. The margin provided by the bank is Limit up to Rs 1.00 Lakh- NIL and Limit above Rs 1.00 Lakh-15% to 25% which is Depending upon purpose & quantum of finance

Benefits of Minor Irrigation Loan:

  • For loans up to Rs 1,00,000: 100 % of the project cost
  • For loans above Rs 1,00,000: 75% to 85% of the project cost will be provided as loan

Objective of Minor Irrigation Loan:

  1. Lift Irrigation
  2. Well Irrigation
  3. Drip Irrigation
  4. Sprinkler Irrigation
  5. Electric Motor & Pump Set
  6. Diesel Engine
  7. Construction of pump house/water delivery channel
  8. Payment of deposit to the State Electricity Board

Eligibility for Minor Irrigation Loan:

  1. All small/marginal/large farmers are eligible for financing for installation of drip/sprinkler irrigation system
  2. All farmers include Individual / Joint landholders

Rate of Interest:

  1. Rate of Interest shall be as applicable to Agricultural advances

Documents Need for Minor Irrigation loan:

  1. Land records
  2. Quotation for the assets to be purchased
  3. An estimate for the civil works to be undertaken
  4. Geologist certificate wherever applicable

Application procedure Minor Irrigation Loan:

  1. You may contact your nearest branch of a bank
  2. You may even talk to the marketing officers visiting your village

Contact details & References:

  1. Please visit bank site for more details about minor irrigation loan
  2. http://www.bankofmaharashtra.in/credit_fac_agri.asp
  3. http://www.unionbankofindia.co.in/RABD_Long_Minor_Irrigation.aspx
  4. https://www.sbi.co.in/portal/web/agriculture-banking/minor-irrigation-schemes


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