Mission Kisan Kalyan, Uttar Pradesh

To ensure growth and well-being of the farmers in the state thereby aiming at doubling their income

On January 6, 2021, UP government launched ‘Kisan Kalyan Mission’ for doubling the income and assisting farmers across the state. Under this initiative all efforts will be taken for organizing various exhibitions, camps and programmes for the farmers. It will tend to move more farmers to scientific farming. This initiative is launched for benefiting the farmers across the state. It aims at providing the fares with real time information about the scheme being launched and implemented for farmers in the state. This mission will be implemented in 825 block of the state and a 3 weeks campaign will be conducted in each block respectively.

Scheme Overview:

Initiative name:Kisan Kalyan Mission
Initiative by:Uttar Pradesh Government
Launched by:CMO Uttar Pradesh, Yogi Adityanath
Launch Date:January 6, 2021
Main Beneficiaries:Farmers across the state
Major Objective:To ensure growth and well-being of the farmers in the state thereby aiming at doubling their income

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Objectives and Benefits:

  • The main objective of the initiative is growth and well-being of the farmers across the state
  • It tends to provide real time information to the farmers about the schemes launched and implemented for farmers in the state
  • Under this mission various welfare programmes will be implemented for the farmers in the state
  • Various meetings will be conducted with the authorities for imparting information regarding scientific farming
  • This initiative aims to make the farmers aware regarding modern farming as well as aim to double their income through development and aligned working of agriculture and allied sectors
  • It also tends to achieve growth and development of the farmers and thereby the agricultural sector in the state as a whole

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Key Points:

  • Uttar Pradesh government started a new initiative – Kisan Kalyan Mission, for the farmers in the state
  • CMO UP, Yogi Adityanath launched this initiative on January 6, 2021 from Sarojininagar development block in Lucknow
  • This initiative is mainly for the benefit and well being of the farmers
  • It aims at doubling the income of farmers across the state through overall alignment and development of agriculture and associated sectors
  • It also aims at informing the farmers about the schemes and programmers launched by the government in the state for their benefits and how they can avail them
  • Various programmes and exhibitions regarding agriculture and related sectors will also be conducted for the farmers
  • It will also include MSME sector units
  • Different meetings of the farmers with scientists, progressed farmers and workers from the agricultural department will also be conducted under this mission
  • At the time of launch of this scheme, CM felicitated 100 progressive farmers from all over the state and chose them as role models for other farmers in the state
  • These selected farmers were from 75 districts and thus they will now share their success stories with other farmers in their districts and motivate them to achieve growth
  • Government will also thereby prepare required databases
  • This mission will be implemented in 825 development blocks across the state


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