Mukhyamantri SHRAMIK Yojana, Jharkhand

To provide job opportunities to the migrant workers, urban poor, skilled-unskilled workers in Jharkhand

CMO Jharkhand, Mr. Hemant Soren launched a new scheme – Mukhyamantri SHRAMIK (Shahri Rozgar Manjuri For Kamgar) to provide employment opportunities to the urban poor. The migrant labourers who had to return to Jharkhand due to the pandemic, will be benefited under this scheme. It is a 100 days employment scheme, wherein the beneficiary will be provided employment for 100 days within 15 days of receiving application. In case work is not provided then the beneficiary will get an employment allowance. Employment under Mukhyamantri SHRAMIK yojana is a legal entitlement. Applicants can apply for a job card under the scheme, download the job card, demand work and register grievance through a dedicated portal @

Scheme name:Mukhyamantri SHRAMIK Yojana
Scheme under:Jharkhand Government
Launched By:CMO Jharkhand, Mr. Hemant Soren
Beneficiaries:Migrant workers, Urban poor
Applicable to:Jharkhand state
Official website:


  • To provide job opportunities to the migrant workers, urban poor, skilled-unskilled workers in Jharkhand
  • To create durable assets such as roads, canals, ponds, wells, buildings, etc as per project-based activities
  • To enhance livelihood security by providing job security to the beneficiaries
  • To revive the economy affected by the pandemic and lock down situations

More scheme for Migrant workers


  • Under this scheme employment opportunities are provided to the migrants and workers affected by pandemic thereby improving their conditions
  • There are opportunities for skilled and experienced, semi-skilled as well as unskilled, unemployed migrant candidates.
  • Employment will be provided within 15 days of application and will continue up to a total of 100 days
  • In case employment is nit provided within 15 days of application, an employment allowance will be provided. It will be one fourth of the minimum wage of the 1st If employment is not provided in the 2nd month, half of the minimum wage will be provided and if employment is not provided in the 3rd month then, full minimum wage will be provided as allowance.
  • Registration process is very simple and user friendly
  • Job cards will be provided and complete work information will be available on the same
  • Separate funds will be given to the urban bodies to provide employment
  • These employments will contribute in the development of the overall economic state in the long run.


  • The person should be 18 years and above in age
  • He/she should be a resident of Jharkhand state only
  • He/she should be a resident in urban areas
  • MNREGA card should not be allotted in the name of the beneficiary

Documents required:

  • Domicile certificate
  • Aadhaar card
  • Age/DOB proof
  • Bank passbook details
  • Passport sized photo

How to Apply for Job Card:

  • The applicants can apply for the Job card under Mukhyamantri SHRAMIK Yojana through the dedicated portal @

  • Click on the Apply for Job Card from the drop-down list in Application tab
  • Application form will be displayed thereby, fill the details like address, family details, DOB, Aadhaar no., mobile no., etc. Sign the declaration towards the end
  • And click on Submit. An application no. will be generated thereby after submission
  • Then within 2-3 days, the job card will be available for download from the same drop-down list

Download Job Card:

  • In the application tab, click on the Download Job Card option from the drop-down list
  • Enter the application no., Aadhaar no., captcha and submit.

Recording Grievances:

  • For recording grievances, the applicants need to visit the homepage, and click on the Grievance tab and fill in the details like Job card number, Aadhaar number, Grievance type and Describe the grievance for clearance
  • Enter captcha and submit thereby.

Helpline details:

In case of any query/difficulty, the applicant can –

  • Call on – 0651-2401955
  • Email to –


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