National Crèche Fund Scheme

National Crèche Fund Scheme (NCF) is the scheme by Ministry of Women and Child Development by Government of India. Under the scheme special care of crèche (children) is the target. There are many parents who are not enough capable to nourish their child and hence child remains far away from all kind of facilities he/she deserves. The scheme provides financial assistance to the parent in the partial format government pays for 90% of expenses and remaining 10% by organization/NGO/charitable trust to help such poor families and take care of their children and make healthy tomorrow.

Benefits of National Crèche Fund Scheme:

  • Day care facilities: The scheme provides day care facility to the working parents, because in small families both parents go on labor work and in this scenario day care facilities is provided.
  • Supplementary Nutrition: With intense caring of children they are also given supplementary nutrition for good nourishment in their growing stage
  • Medical Health care: With proper nourishment children needs proper checkup and vaccinations, and under the scheme this facility is provided
  • Recreation to the children: Playhouse like environment is created and children in the age group of 0-5 years are taught there.

Eligibility for National Crèche Fund Scheme:

  1. Child must be below 5 years of age
  2. His/her family income should not be more than Rs. 1800 per month
  3. NGOs, Voluntary organizations, Charitable trust are also eligible for the scheme, but they will serve to the needy family

Documents Required:

What organization will require from parents

  1. Birth Certificate
  2. Income Certificate of parents
  3. Ration Card
  4. Identity Card of parents (Aadhar Card, Voter Id)
  5. Residence proof (Electric bill, Gas connection bill, Aadhar card, etc)

 What government require from organization to give assistance

  1. NGO/Organization/Charitable Trust registration documents
  2. Bank Account details like bank, branch and account holder name, IFSC code, MICR code
  3. Land Ownership proofs for starting the multipurpose care unit for children

Application form:

The get financial assistance from the government it’s organization/NGO/Charitable trust who applies and after surveying eligible children are given benefits of scheme. So, for organization to get assistance please follow the link for the application form

Whom to contact where to contact for more information about the scheme:

  1. Gram Panchayat
  2. Nagar Palika
  3. Aanganwadi center
  4. NGOs/Organization active in respective areas
  5. Mahila Mandals

References and Details:

Complete detail about scheme:


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