India efforts for Nuclear Supplier Group but did not succeed, not only China oppose but including five countries (Australia, New-Zealand, Ireland) opposed on India’s NSG membership and most the country backing India membership like as U.S, U.K, France, Japan, Argentina,South Korea, Mexico,South Africa, Russia. Some of the political party directly arises the question on our P. M. Shri. Narendra Modi’s foreign policy.  Is it true? Modi’s foreign policy failed? Why China opposed India for NSG? What role plays NSG ?No of question came and here we are seeking the answer of this question

NSG : The Nuclear Supplier Group is a group of nuclear supplier country that work to control of the export of material, nuclear supplier, equipment and technology  that can be used to manufacture nuclear weapons. The aim of the NSG Guidelines is to ensure that nuclear trade for peaceful purpose and does not contribute to other nuclear explosive devices.  NSG had seven participating governments, including Canada, Germany, France, Japan, Soviet Union, UK and US. Presently NSG has 48 members. The American president was coming to India in 2010 at that time he said that U.S support participation of India for Nuclear Supplier Group and U. K also long time supporter of India for Nuclear Supplier Group

Why China opposed India for NSG :  China was opposed to the waiver, but did not take a public stand on it. It encouraged countries like Ireland, New Zealand, Austria and Switzerland to oppose a consensus on the waiver for India. China aspires to be the next superpower and India is its only serious competitor to claim that position. If India will enter into the Nuclear Supplier Group of nuclear traders could have changed the geopolitical balance in India. According to China newspaper, India and Pakistan both countries demanding similar concession. Many NSG members would oppose Pakistan’s membership because of his track records. China today is a more confident and assertive power. If India will enter and become a member of the Nuclear Supplier Group Indian China’s global economic and political heft, and the little countries’ own sense of importance, which will diminish if big players like India enter the scene.

No of Question arising that U.S interest in helping India but why New-Zealand and turkey oppose India for NSG so the question is that is it is global politics? Because both are the fast becoming an Islamic state. U.S. president Mr. Barak Obama stated that India will become a member of Nuclear supplier Group as early because 7 to 5 years India will have $5 trillen economy


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