One Family One Job Scheme: 15,000 government jobs for Sikkim youth

The Sikkim Government has announced One Family One Job Scheme to provide employment to the youth in the state. Government`s plan is to make sure that each of the families in the state has employment. 15,000 unemployed youth will be provided government jobs under the scheme. The objective of the scheme is to provide financial security to the families of the Himalayan state. Sikkim Government`s goal is to make sure that the candidates are identified by December 2018 and they join on 2nd January 2019.

What is One Family One Job Scheme? A Sikkim Government welfare scheme to provide 15,000 jobs to the unemployed youth in the state.

One Family One Job Scheme Objectives:

  • To provide employment to youth
  • To provide financial security to poor families
  • To increase family income of the poor families so that they can sustain the families
  • To empower poor youth and their families

One Family One Job Scheme Benefits: 15,000 youth to get government jobs

One Family One Job Scheme Eligibility:

  • Scheme is applicable only in Sikkim
  • Applicable only to the youth from poor families

How to apply for job under One Family One Job Scheme?

  • There are no application forms to be filled for One Family One Job Scheme
  • There is no need to apply for job as well
  • Government of Sikkim will identify beneficiaries and will provide jobs without any application

One Family One Job Employment Generation Scheme / Recruitment Policy:

  • 15,000 jobs will be provided to the poor youth in various government department
  • The employment will be MR and ad-hoc basis
  • A landmark policy decision by the CM Pawan Kumar Chamling
  • Primarily for the economically weaker families
  • One member from each of the poor families to provide some kind of employment
  • For all those youth who couldn’t be given job in December 2018 will be considered in March 2019
  • The government is very careful in implementing the scheme to make sure that real beneficiaries only get jobs
  • Complaints can directly be filed on CM`s Facebook page
  • CM has appealed people of the state to help them genuine beneficiaries

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