One Nation One Card (ONOC)

One single card for commute with buses, metros, shopping, money withdrawal & payments

The Government of India is working on an innovative One Nation One Card (ONOC) initiative. With ONOC citizens will be able to use one single card for city commute using bus, trains, metros etc along with shopping, money withdrawal & payments. The ONOC initiative will provide convenience of using just one card for all the services. Users don’t have to carry multiple cards along memorize their passwords. Government may soon launch the scheme. Similar scheme called Common Mobility Scheme (CMS) in various cities in India. The same card can be used by citizens to board buses & metros.

वन नेशन वन कार्ड (ओएनओसी – एक राष्ट्र एक कार्ड) (हिंदी में)

One Nation One Card (ONOC) Features:

  • Card can be used to purchase tickets for any form of public transport
  • It can be used for shopping
  • It can also be used for digital payments & cash withdrawals
  • Money will be debited from the card automatically when ever any service is used
  • It will save time as bus/metro tickets are not required to be purchased
  • There wont be long queues on the ticket counters
  • The card can be recharged online
  • The card will also work as debit & credit card

NITI Ayog is working on the ONOC along with Center for Development & Advance Computing, Bank & Urban Developments Ministries. The ONOC will help in digitizing India. As of now cash is required for purchasing tickets. Common Mobility Cards in one city doent work in other cities.


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One Nation One Card

One Nation One Card (ONOC) / National Common Mobility Card (NCMC)