One Stop Center Scheme (OSC)

The one-stop center scheme is started by central government (ministry of women and child development). The main objective of this scheme is protected women and child from domestic and sexual violence including rape, harmful practices dowry, acid attacks sexual harassment, child sexual abuse, child marriage, sex-selective abortion other than this violence due to inequities in social life more particularly in times of displacement and communal incidents. The one-stop center will provide support and assistance to women affected by violence both in private and public spaces.

Toll-Free Number: 181 /1091/1098  

Benefits of One-Stop Center Scheme:

  • Woman will get protected from domestic and sexual violence, rape, acid attacks
  • Providing shelter, police desk, legal, medical and counseling services to victims of violence under one roof integrated with a 24-hour Helpline
  • One stop center will be taking care of woman’s safety protection and rehabilitation
  • Notified hospital to help victims of sexual assault
  • Speedy punishment to culprits or person who commit crime
  • The one-stop center will provide support and assistance to women affected by violence, both in private and public spaces. In case girls under 18 year of age are referred to the Center, they will also be served in coordination with authorities/institutions established under the juvenile justice (Care and Protection of Children) Act, 2000 and protection of children from sexual Offense Act, 2012
  • Victim can call to toll-free helpline at any time all helpline is available 24×7
  • Once the case is filed the result will come out in maximum 3 months since case file
  • Anyone can complain on behalf of the victim. it is not mandatory that complaint should file by the victim itself, whenever victim will approach for complaint through helpline the call will connect to nearly police control room and soon police will reach to victims place to protect and file the complaint

Centers will be integrated with a women helpline to provide a range of services are following:

  1. Medical assistance- Public and private ambulance providers etc.
  2. Police assistance- A police officer to facilitate the process
  3. Legal aid/counseling- Lawyers empaneled with district legal services authority (DLSA/SLSA) or empaneled on pro-bono basis or for honorarium
  4. Psycho-social support/ counseling- counselors will there
  5. Shelter- swadhar homes /short stay homes / other shelter homes for long stay and one-stop center for short stay
  6. Video conferencing facility- To facilitate police and court proceedings

Who can get help from One Stop Center:

  1. Any women or child who became victim of violence, harassment and etc can get help from one-stop center

Whom to contact and where to contact:

  1. Woman affected by violence can contact to one-stop center herself or she can go to Anganwadi worker or community volunteer
  2. Woman affected by violence can contact to one-stop center administrator through helpline

Post complaint support:

  1. If a woman or any other person or relative of victim placed a complaint to one-stop center and no action is taken by the respective designated officer then women can visit National Women Commission office where they will take care of case and will solve it

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