Online Procedure To Apply For Newborn/Minor Passport In INDIA

Getting passport for newly born is very easy and straight forward, you need not to engage with any agent or middleman to get this done.

Below are the points which needs to be considered before starting the process for newborn/minor’s passport, 

  1. If either parent holds a valid passport with spouse name endorsed, passport will be issued to the minor without any police verification
  2. Original passport of parent(s) should be presented for the verification of particulars
  3. If parent(s) hold a valid passport, but spouse name is not endorsed, then they must get the spouse name added in their passport. For this they have to apply for a reissue of passport and get the specified change in personal particulars

Processing of minor’s passport would be much faster if the parents apply for endorsement of spouse name along with the minor’s passport application form

Steps to get passport for newborn in India:

  1. Get the birth certificate for newly born, The first and most important document for the newborn baby is Birth Certificate, you can find details on how to get birth certificate in your respective state at How To Get Birth Certificate
  2. Register and create profile at passport sava kendra website
  • To register and create account at passport sava kendra website visit 
  • Click on “New user? register now” Fill in all the required information, make sure that names and email address is spelled correctly
  • While creating account you need to give your details and not the newborn for whom you are applying for
  • Activate your account with the email sent on your mail id and login (Wait for sometime for account verification email, it may take few hours)
  • After logging in click on “Apply for Fresh Passport/Re-issue of Passport”

3. Apply for Fresh Passport

Page_1: To Apply for fresh passport, website will provide you two options

  • Option 1:
    – you can fill the online Application form
  • Option 2 :
    – download the Application form (PDF)
    – Fill in the form and upload
  • both the option needs internet connection, so better to do it online


Page_2: Select passport type as per your requirements

  • Select Applying for: Fresh Passport
  • Type of Application (Normal/Tatkaal), Type of passport booklet (36/60 pages) select as per your requirements. Tatkal application will cost you more

Page_3: Applicant details

  • Fill all the required information on this page, make sure all the information is accurate and the Name you are writing here is exactly the same as on birth certificate
  • Is applicant eligible for Non-ECR category? Select yes if you belong to any of the below listed categories
  • It is better to go for NON-ECR category if you are eligible, No emigration clearance is required for visiting Bangladesh, Pakistan and all countries in Europe (excluding CIS states), North America, Australia, Japan, New Zealand, South Korea, South Africa and Singapore

  • You can select NO, if you don’t have required documents handy, you can apply for non-ECR certificate later
  • You can find list of documents required for applying in Non-ECR category here 
  • If there is no Aadhaar card issued for newborn (in most cases it will be not), don’t select anything in below check boxes

Page_4: Family Details

  • Fill all the required information on this page, make sure all the information is accurate

Page_5: Present Residential Address

  • To make the things simple put the address present on parents passport in the Present Residential Address for the minor
  • Parent’s passport copy(First and last page) can be submitted as proof of address in case of minors

List of other acceptable documents as proof of address. For minor applicants, present address proof document in the name of parent(s) can be submitted

  • To keep the things simple select Yes for Is Permanent Address available?* and Is your permanent address same as present address? *

Page_6: Emergency Contact

  • Give accurate Emergency Contact information

Page_7: Identity Certificate/Passport Details

  • Read and submit the information carefully on this page

Page_8: Other Details

  • Read and submit the information carefully on this page

Page_9: Passport Details Verification

  • Verify all the details you submitted carefully

Page_10: Self Declaration

  • Select valid proof of birth document which you can submit from the drop down list
  • Select valid residential address proof which you can submit from the drop down list
  • Select Annexures/Affidavits which suits your scenario, you can download required Annexures/Affidavits from this link 
  • Select if you want SMS Alert and any other additional services mentioned
  • The application form must be saved using “Save My Details” button before its printable PDF copy can be viewed using “Preview Application Form” button
  • Provide the place and submit the Form


After submitting the form, click on the Applicant Home label on the Top Left corner of the screen and from the Services select View Saved/Submitted Applications you will be redirected to View Saved/Submitted Applications page

On this page you can Pay and Schedule Appointment, Print Application Receipt, View/Print Submitted Form, Track Application Status, Track Payment Status, Payment Receipt, Upload Supporting Documents and check the Appointment History.

Documents to Carry for the Appointment:

  1. Application receipt
  2. Parents passport copy (First and Last page)and original for verification or Any other address proof document
  3. Two Photographs of size 4.5 X 3.5 cm, paste one on form. No black and white photographs, photograph should be with white background and bright color cloths
  4. Relevant Annexure form
  5. Relevant document if applying in Non-ECR category
  6. Marriage certificate (not mandatory)
  • New passport generally will take 30 days while tatkal applications will take up to 7 days
  • Normal passport fee is Rs 1000 and tatkal fee is Rs.3000

Call Centre / Helpdesk

If you have any further queries you can,

  • call to call center at 1800-258-1800
  • visit Helpdesk at your nearest Passport Seva Kendra

or Drop us comment we will get back to you as soon as possible


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