Online Procedure to Test Seed Sample in Maharashtra

What is seed testing?

Seed testing is determining the standards of a seed lot viz., physical purity, moisture, germination and ODV and thereby enabling the farming community to get quality seeds

Why is seed testing important?

  • To identify the quality problem and their probable cause
  • To determine their quality, that is, their suitability for planting
  • To determine the need for drying and processing and specific procedures that should be used
  • To determine if seed meets established quality standards or labeling specifications
  • To establish quality and provide a basis for price and consumer discrimination among lots in the market
  • The primary aim of the seed testing is to obtain accurate and reproducible results regarding the quality status of the seed samples submitted to the Seed Testing Laboratories
  • Seed testing has been developed to aid agriculture to avoid some of the hazards of crop production by furnishing the needed information about different quality attributes viz., purity, moisture, germination, vigor, and health

Online procedure to get seed test report:

  1. The farmer needs to visit nearer government Seed Testing Lab which is located at district level all over Maharashtra. To get the address of Seed Testing Lab at the district level in all over Maharashtra please visit next mentioned link. Click here to get address list of various labs
  2. Take a seed sample with you in the lab. Ask for what kind of testing you want. Post that department will give you Receipt or some other details
  3. Then farmer needs to visit Aaple Sarkar Maharashtra official website. Click Here to Visit Aaple Sarkar
  4. Then click on login or create new user account. Once it created a login using credentials. Window will appear which will look like posted image below
  5. 1-plus
  6. Post that search for Agriculture tab
  7. Post clicking Agriculture the window will appear which will look lik the same image posted below
  8. 1
  9. Then click on Testing seed sample
  10. Post clicking this window will appear which will look like image posted below
  11. 2
  12. Then fill all details which are asked to fill then click on submit. Seed sample report will be displayed

References & details:

  1. For more details regarding documents and other help please visit official website
  2. Lab Address details:
  3. Aaple Sarkar:

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