Panchvati Yojana in Gujarat / गुजरात में पंचवटी योजना

गुजरात में पंचवटी योजना (हिंदी में)

Panchvati Yojana launched by Rural Housing & Rural Development Department, Government of Gujarat. The scheme aims to construct such places where senior citizens of the village may sit peacefully and welfare of rural people of the State, to develop parks and gardens in the village with necessary facilities and instruments of joy and amusement are easily available. Under this scheme pippal, Banyan, Harde, Ashok and various fruit-bearing trees and creepers are to be planted and grown. In this period, majority of big villages are being converted into cities. Gram Panchayat has to pay Rs. 50,000 as people’s participation, against which the state government pays assistance of Rs. 1 lakh contribution. This scheme is implemented across all villages of Gujarat

Benefits of Panchvati Yojana in Gujarat:

  • Panchvati Yojana focuses on Greenery everywhere so that air in the village will be purified
  • A Panchvati scheme completely takes care of environment
  • Under this scheme pippal, Banyan, Harde, Ashok and various fruit-bearing trees and creepers are to be planted and grown

Features of Panchvati Yojana:

  1. The arrangement should be made for surrounding fencing. The entrance should be decorated
  2. Facility of ‘walking track’ shall be made to walk on
  3. There should be an arrangement for lighting. Arrangement for solar lighting is desirable
  4. The scheme shall be developed in view of eco-tourism scheme
  5. Greenery everywhere. It seemed as if the earth has green saree
  6. Benches to sit
  7. A fountain may be kept if there is facility of water

Pre-Condition for Implementation of Panchvati Yojana:

  1. Panchvati Yojana may materialize near village school, near village forest in the village or on leveled land of 1000 sq.-meters or more from the lands earmarked for public purposes
  2. Tourist place near big village or municipal areas of the villages having population exceeding 5000 shall be given priority
  3. The work shall be completed with active cooperation of forests and environment department
  4. If there is village pond nearby then boating and necessary facilities may be developed for it
  5. A population contribution shall be Rs. 50,000

Application procedure:

  1. This scheme is implemented Rural Development Department so no specific application procedure is mentioned

Contact Details:

  1. Nearest Panchayat, Rural Housing & Rural Development Department

References & details:

  1. For more details regarding documents and other help please visit official website
  2. Official Website:
  3. Scheme in Details:


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