Pasu Bima Yojana- Livestock Insurance Scheme

Farmers can now get insurance for their cattle & live-stock

Pasu Bima Yojana/ Livestock Insurance scheme provides insurance to the farmers which get affected mainly due the death of the livestock with him. Livestock includes all the animals with the farmer like, cattle, different breeds of cows, buffaloes etc. This insurance is mainly required to protect the farmers from such loss. It is a government led insurance scheme, where the livestock of farmer is insured.

Scheme Overview:

Scheme name:Pasu Bima Yojana
Scheme category:Government led Animal Insurance Scheme
Beneficiaries:All farmers across the state


  • The main objective of the scheme is to provide the farmers with an insurance for his cattle’s and other livestock
  • Many times, farmers earn through these animals, for ex- by selling the milk from cows. In case of uncertainty, farmers income is affected. This insurance covers the risk of death and insures the livestock.


  • Farmers can get their livestock insured easily with minimum procedure
  • The livestock is insured for 3 years at a stretch. After 3 years, the insurance can be renewed accordingly.
  • Only 25% of the premium is to be paid by the farmers, rest all is borne by the government
  • In case of uncertainty, this scheme ensures the compensation amount to be transferred to the Farmer’s account.
  • This scheme aims at the development of Animal Husbandry, as a whole


  • All the domestic cattles, buffalos, Hybrid cattles, Bull, Horse, Mule, Donkey, etc in big animal
  • Goat, Hen, Chicken etc, in small animals
  • In case of small animals, 10 animals together will be considered as 1 unit.

How to get the Insurance:

  • For getting the animal/animals insured, the farmer should go to the nearest veterinary centre.
  • The veterinary officer will come to the farmer’s house and check the animals then the amount of insurance will be decided.
  • After reassuring with the farmer over the amount assured and terms of insurance the veterinary officer will fill up the form on farmer’s behalf
  • And take a photo of the Farmer with his animal beside.
  • After this, the premium receipt will be given to the farmer and a special tag will be placed on the insured animal
  • Thus, the animal insurance process ends thereby.

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Key Points:

  • This scheme has been started for farmers benefit
  • All farmers will be able to avail the benefits of animal protection.
  • Farmers will be preferred on first come, first serve basis.
  • This scheme is being run in 300 selected districts, with a target of 700 animals to be covered per district.
  • The amount for premium on farmer’s part will not be more than Rs. 750/- in case of big animals
  • Under the scheme the livestock will be insured for 3 years at a stretch, later it can be renewed.


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