PM Wi-Fi Access Network Interface (PM WANI)

Digital revolution through high-speed internet connectivity

On December 9, 2020, the Union cabinet approved the initiative of setting up public wi-fi hotspots through Public Data Offices across the country. This initiative is PM WI-FI Access Network Interface (PM WANI). Minister of Communications, Electronics & Information Technology Mr. Ravi Shankar Prasad announced the relevant details. This scheme will function through PDOs, PDOAs, App providers and Central registry. Even small retailers, chai shops, kirana shops, etc. could be the PDOs. This initiative aims at bringing digital revolution in the country. It will ensure stable and high-speed internet facility to everyone in the country thereby generating employment and helping the small business to earn some additional income.


Initiative name:PM Wi-fi Access Network Interface (PM WANI)
Initiative Under:Central Government
Announced By:Mr. Ravi Shankar Prasad, Minister of Communications, Electronics & Information Technology
Announced On:December 09, 2020
Benefit:High speed internet service through Public wi-fi hotspots
Major Objective:Digital revolution through high-speed internet connectivity

List of scheme lunched by Central Government

Scheme Objectives and Benefits:

  • The main objective of the scheme is to bring a digital and wi-fi revolution
  • The scheme aims at boosting the digital infrastructure
  • It aims to provide 4G connectivity to areas which are still deprived of the same
  • It will generate employment opportunities
  • It will also enable the PDOs which could even be small retailers, paan shops, chai shops, kirana shops, etc to earn additional income
  • This scheme is aiming at increasing the use of internet connectivity
  • Mode is through wi-fis which are a constant need in the current pandemic situation
  • It is a crucial step towards Digital India movement

Scheme Details:

  • PM Wi-fi Access Network Interface (PM WANI) is an initiative of the Central Government to bring digital and wi-fi revolution in the country
  • This initiative was first put forth by TRAI i.e., Telecom Regulatory Authority of India in 2017.
  • On December 9, 2020, final draft and proposal of the same was approved the Union cabinet
  • This scheme will be run on 4 pillars – PDOs (Public Data Offices), PDAOs (Public Data Office Aggregators), App Providers and Central Registry
  • PDOs could be any shop or retailer like cyber cafes, small shopkeepers, chai shops, paan shops, kirana shops, etc
  • These PDOs will operate and provide these public hotspots to its subscribers PDOs will not have to register themselves anywhere
  • PDOAs will be the regulatory body over PDOs. PDOAs will handle authorisation and accounting
  • PDOAs will require registration with the Department of Telecommunications through the online portal for the same
  • App Providers will develop app to register the users and access nearby PM WANI hotspots
  • App Providers will also require registration with the Department of Telecommunications through the online portal for the same
  • Details and records of PDOs, PDOAs and App Providers will be maintained by Central Registry
  • There will no registration fee Registration will be granted within 7 days of application.
  • This scheme will lead to digital transformation and thereby generate new employment opportunities
  • It will enable the small and medium businesses to earn additional income


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