Post-Matric Scholarship Scheme

To enable financial assistance to the SC students through scholarship

On December 23rd, 2020, the Union Cabinet approved Post matric scholarship scheme for the Scheduled Caste (SC) students in the country. PM Narendra Modi announced the approval too. This scheme is intending to benefit about 4 crore students across the country in the upcoming 5 years. Scholarships will be awarded to the students belonging to the Scheduled Caste category to enable the students to study for higher education from Class 11, as per their choice. This scheme aims that no SC category student will be excluded from getting higher education due to financial constraints.

Scheme Overview:

Scheme name:Post-matric scholarship scheme
Scheme Under:Central Government
Approved On:December 23, 2020
Scheme Type:Scholarship Scheme
Scheme Benefit:Financial Assistance by the way of post matric scholarship
Beneficiaries:All the SC category students

To enable financial assistance to the SC students through scholarship

Scheme Investment:Rs. 59,048 crores

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Objectives and Benefits:

  • The main objective of the scheme is to provide financial assistance to the SC category students
  • The scheme will enable the students to pursue higher education
  • Under the scheme the students will pursue higher education after SSC, in the stream of their choice
  • It will provide help to the students to meet their expenses for higher studies
  • This financial assistance will help the students with further studies without having financial constraints

Key Points:

  • Union cabinet approved the post matric scholarship scheme for SC category students in the country
  • This scheme will give the students a chance to pursue to higher education as per their choice
  • Students will get a chance to take admission in various streams
  • No SC category student will opt out of higher education due to financial constraints
  • This scheme will enable poorest student to enroll in the higher studies after passing Class 10 examination
  • Total scheme investment is Rs. 59,048 crores, out of which 60% (approx. Rs. 35,534 crores) will be provided by the central government and the rest of the 40% will be provided by the respective state governments
  • This scheme will function through an online platform with required cyber security measures
  • It will enable proper transparency and on time transfer of benefit directly to the beneficiary without delay
  • Financial assistance under this scheme will be transferred directly to the student through DBT
  • Aadhaar enabled payment system will be used
  • This scheme will also enable and constant monitoring through social audits, third party evaluations, etc
  • It led to increased involvement of the central government in this mechanism
  • This will result in overall development of the socially and economically weaker sections across the country
  • About 4 crore students are aimed to be benefited under this scheme in the next 5 years


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