Prabuddha Scheme: Financial assistance to study abroad for SC / ST students in Karnataka

Government of Karnataka has launched Prabuddha Scheme to support SC / ST students in the state to study overseas. The state government will bare the cost of course fees, accommodation & travel expenses for scheduled tribes & scheduled class students. The scheme also provide 33% reservation to the women & 4% to the disabled students also. The primary objective of the scheme is to provide equal opportunities to the students from the socially backward classes.

Prabuddha Scheme: A government of Karnataka scheme to help SC / ST students in the state to study overseas


  • To empower SC/ST students & their families
  • To provide equal opportunities to the socially backward students


  • Financial assistance to study abroad in foreign countries
  • Government to bare cost of course fees, travel, accommodation etc
  • Students can pursue graduation, post-graduation & PhD programs in foreign universities
  • 100% education expenses will be covered by government for those who`s family income is less then 8 lakh ruppes per year
  • 50% expenses will be covered for those students who`s family income is between Rs. 8 lakh – 15 lakh
  • 33% expenses will be bared by the government who`s family income is more than Rs. 15 lakh

Prabuddha Scheme Eligibility:

  • Applicable only to the permanent residents of Karnataka only
  • Students from schedule caste (SC) & scheduled tribes (ST) only can apply
  • Students can apply only once under the scheme
  • Maximum 2 students from a family can apply
  • Only those students who cleared Graduate Record Examinations (GRE), Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT), Scholarship Aptitude / Assessment Test (SAT) & other qualifying examinations are eligible

The state government has alloted budget of Rs. 120 crore for the scheme. 400 students from the SC/ST communities to get benefited from the scheme & study abroad at free of cost. 250 students for under-graduate courses & 150 for post-graduation will be selected for free foreign studies under Prabuddha Scheme. Department of Social Welfare will implement the scheme.

Courses Covered under Prabuddha Scheme: Engineering, Basic Sciences, Agricultural Sciences, Social Sciences, Commerce, Economics, Psychology, Law, Fine Arts & others.


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