Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojna (PMGSY)

Pradhan mantri gram sadak yojna the scheme launched by central government (ministry of rural development). The main objective of this scheme is to provide all weather road connectivity in rural areas of the country .under this scheme the government is planning to connecting all habitations with a population of 500 persons and above in plain areas and 250 persons and above in Hill States, Tribal (Schedule V) areas, selected Desert Areas and Backward Districts (as identified by the Ministry of Home Affairs and Planning Commission). This scheme will help to promoting access to economic and social services and thereby generating increased agricultural incomes and productive employment opportunities.

Benefits of Pradhan mantri gram sadak yojna

  • Well structured roads will be constructed in rural areas. This will lead to increase social and economical growth. And this is biggest step of government towards rural development.
  • Remote areas will get well connected via roads such as Desert Areas and Backward Districts, Tribal (Schedule V) areas.
  • Taxi services will be started on PMGSY roads that in-turn has made it possible for the villagers to visit the health centers in relatively short time thereby decreasing the health-related problems for the villagers
  • Those Village contain population above 500 roads will be constructed there and hence facilities like transport, education, hospital will easily available.
  • Roads will constructed in Hill States above population 250.
  • With increasing numbers of commuters on these roads, lots of road side shops and markets have also come up that have further opened up new employment opportunities to large number of villagers

Eligibility for getting benefits of Pradhan mantri gram sadak yojna

Eligibility will be decided according of PCI Pavement Condition Index which is survey performed by technical team. And from that report Comprehensive New-Connectivity Priority Lists (CNCPL) is created for construction of roads.

Priority is decided flowingly

  • Priority 1 if any village contains population 1000+ then such village will be given first priority.
  • Priority 1 if any village contains population 500-999 then such village will be given second priority.
  • Priority 1 if any village contains population 250-499 then such village will be given third priority.
  1. The rural areas should have population 500 and above for construction of roads.
  2. Rural areas which belong to Hill states, Tribal (Schedule V) Areas, Desert Areas Should have population 250 and above for construction of roads.

Document required for Pradhan mantri gram sadak yojna

This is the scheme implemented by government so that documents will be prepared by government agencies or department itself. And it contains number of technical terms

  • Those rural areas need construction or maintenance or up gradation of roads need to perform survey report by technical team. (E.g. Pavement Condition Index (PCI)). And according to PCI different priority gets created called Comprehensive Up gradation Priority List (CUPL) for construction of roads.
  • Proposal for road construction in respective area made by villagers, political leaders, municipal commission.
  • Approval for implementation of project from different executing agencies departments.

Whom to contact and where to contact

  • District level departments e.g. Municipal commission
  • PWD department (public welfare department)
  • Rural Engineering Service / Organization / Rural Works Department / Zilla Parishad / Panchayati Raj Engineering Department etc.

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