Prime Minister New India Project

The Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi has announced a New India Project (Naya Bharat) with a mission to create a new India by 2022. Under the project the government will transform poor and backward districts in India. Government has identified 115 backward district across all the states in the country out of which 13 are from Bihar and 19 are from Jharkhand. All such backward and poor districts will be given basic facilities such as electrification, health services, roads, water. The governments will focus and provide all such facilities in next five years said the Prime Minister.

The Deputy CM of Bihar Sushil Modi said the most of the states have made a huge progress but some of them like Bihar are still lagging behind. The New India Project will transform remaining once he added.

Highlights of PM New India Project:

  • Prime Minister Narendra Modi`s initiative to transform the India by 2022
  • 115 districts across the state to be transformed
  • All backward districts to be given basic amenities such as electrification, health services, roads, water


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