Prohibition and Drug Abuse Prevention Scheme

Prohibition and Drug Abuse Prevention Scheme is the scheme launched by Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment. Under the scheme the govt. works with the organization/locality to rehabilitate the person who is drug or alcohol addicted. According to the survey carried out by an NGO it is found that the rate of youth becoming drug addicted is rising at faster rate. Drug not only affects their health but also degrade their life making them bankrupt. The country which has most number of youth in the world is getting entangled in the network of drug dealers and destroying their life. To overcome such severe problem and help drug addicts the scheme has been started.

Benefits of Prohibition and Drug Abuse Prevention Scheme:

  • Establishment of rehabilitation centers: The scheme works closely with NGOs/organization to help youths live again a healthy life
  • Organizing awareness camps: Scheme enables the trust/NGO/organization to organize awareness camps to make people aware of the ill effects of the drugs
  • Culture specific models for the treatment: This new technique of manipulating people and making them stop using drugs on culture basis is most effective one
  • Social camps for treatment: Establishment of social camps where motivation, detoxification, counselling and rehabilitation of addicts is carried out
  • Developing linkages between govt. and NGOs: The scheme do the work of linking NGO and govt. which eventually works in the favor of common people and develop the society

Eligibility for National Prohibition and Drug Abuse Prevention Scheme:

  1. All addicted people are eligible for this scheme
  2. Area having huge number of addicts
  3. Slums, rural areas are eligible for the camp in their locality

Documents Required:

  1. Aadhar Card
  2. Electricity bill
  3. Medical reports to proof addiction

Application form:

There are no application forms as such, the beneficiary need to register himself/herself at the rehabilitation center with the proper medical report. Once this is done, rehabilitation process starts.

Whom to contact where to contact for more information about the scheme:

  1. NGOs
  2. Rehabilitation Organization
  3. Charitable trust for de-addiction
  4. Head office: Deputy Secretary/Director (DP-NGO) Social Defense Division
    Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment
    ‘A’ Wing, Shastri Bhawan,
    Dr. Rajendra Prasad Road,
    New Delhi- 110001
    Tele: 23384284
    Fax: 23384918

References and Details:

For more details about the scheme kindly visit the following link



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