Regularisation Scheme: regularise unapproved layouts in Puducherry and Karaikal

The Government of India has announced a scheme Regularisation Scheme under which all the unapproved layouts in Puducherry and Karaikal region with valid sale deed will be regularized. The government has come up with comprehensive development plan which will cover all the sites in unapproved layouts sold through registered sale deeds on or before January 30, 2017. The scheme is applicable for all those scheme for which even partial of the sites are sold under registered sale deeds, the entire site comes under the Regularisation Scheme.

All those sites, plots, layouts which are partially or wholly under public water bodies such as channels, canals, tanks, lakes, rivers and government “poromboke land”, plots forming part of land earmarked for open space reservation (OSR), plot encroaching a public road or street or any other land, parks or play ground reserved in any approved layout or sub-division and vacant plots blocking access to surrounding roads, it would not be eligible for regularisation.

Registration or application for Regularization Scheme:

All the plot owners, land developers needs to register with their local authorities in six months. Regulization charges of Rs. 30 per sq. m. needs to be paid to the Town and Country Planning Department. Land conversion charges of Rs. 100 per sq. m. Development charge will be decided by the respective local bodies which will have a fixed rate. Guidelines will be set for OSR charges.

The government was forced to take the decision due to the important reason which is; the unapproved layouts have less/no civic infrastructure and the reason is insufficient funds. The revenues generated through the Regularization Scheme can then be used for the development of the civic infrastructure in those areas.

The scheme is not applicable to those plots which are sold alone without any layout. Development of civic services will not be possible in such areas according to the senior official.

Highlights of the Regularization Scheme:

  • Government to regularize the unapproved layouts in Puducherry and Karaikal reagion
  • Only those with registered sale deed will be regularized
  • All those registered before 30th January 2017 only falls under this scheme
  • Decision is taken so that civic infrastructure can be developed in those region


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