The Rhodes Scholarship for India

The Rhodes Scholarship is provided to students for study at the University of Oxford for outstanding all-round education and a transformative experience. Each year, there are five Scholarships available for India to enable outstanding students – chosen on the basis of exceptional intellect, character, leadership, and commitment to service – to study at the University of Oxford. Rhodes scholarship India is provided to Indian Students who want to go for postgraduate studies in Humanities, Law, Medicine, Engineering, Agriculture or Sciences. The scholarship is offered for 2 years but the tenure of the scholarship might be extended. The first Indian Rhodes Scholars took up residence in Oxford in 1947, and since that time over two hundred Indians have been awarded this prestigious Scholarship.

Benefits of the Rhodes Scholarship for India:

  • College and University Fees: Including Tuition fee and University Application Fee.
  • Personal stipend: The Personal stipend of 13,658 British Pound will be given to the fellows.
  • Private Health Insurance: BUPA will provide health insurance to the Rhodes Scholars.
  • Travel Expenses: Rhodes Trust will provide economy class air fare of the to and for the journey from India to Oxford University and back.
  • Duration of the Scholarship: The scholarship is offered for a period of 2-3 years depending on the selected course of study. Under no circumstances, Rhodes Trust will pay the living allowance beyond the third year of the scholarship
  • Dependent Expenses: Married candidates should bear in mind that the scholarship is only given to one person and that the Trust has no provision for the support of scholar’s spouse. Spouses who are international citizens might find it difficult to look for paid work.

Required Eligibility and Conditions for Rhodes Scholarship for India:

  1. Nationality: The applicant must be an Indian citizen holding valid Indian passport or equivalent proof of citizenship.
  2. Age: Candidates must be of such an age that they will have passed their 18th and not have passed their 25th birthday on the 1st October 2017.
  3. Academic Qualification: Candidates must have at least a first-class degree in Humanities, Law, Medicine, Engineering, Agriculture or Sciences from an Indian University. College seniors in the last year of their academic program and have an exceptionally bright academic record can also apply.
  4. Candidates for the study of medicine, especially the one wishing to do research in clinical departments, should consult the Medical School Offices at Oxford, including the Secretary before they submit their application.
  5. The Committee of Selection for India will decide whether candidates comply with foregoing conditions, and will make the nominations, depending upon the approval from Rhodes Trustees.

Application Procedure:

  1. Rhodes Scholarship accepts the online application and interested candidates need to make application on the official application portal of Rhodes Trust. Click Here to Apply Online
  2. For initial application, candidates can send electronic copies but while appearing for the interview, candidates need to carry their original documents. The details required while filling the form are as follow:
  • Age Proof: Either a School leaving certificate or an extract from a University Register signed by the Registrar, as evidence of age (Candidates must submit attested copy and the copy will not be returned back to the student.)
  • Academic Qualification Proof: Evidence of courses taken and degrees, honors and other academic marks achieved by the candidate. This evidence must be formally certified by the Registrar or any other responsible officer of the candidate’s University (candidates should only submit attested copy of the certificates which will not be returned.)
  • An essay to be submitted in terms of candidates’ abilities & interests and his/her plan for the future along with his aims.
  • The essay should not exceed 1000 words and should be in simple and direct English.
  • Please take time and write this essay carefully.
  • The board what the candidate has achieved and hopes to achieve, but who you are. The essay will assist the Selection Committee in determining whom to invite for interview.
  • Referrals: The names and addresses of six persons should be mentioned in the letters and at least three of them should be people the candidate has studied with. At least three to six referees should mention the abilities and skills of the candidate in their letters.
  • Photograph: A photograph, digital and hard copy (passport-size, un-mounted) will be requested from shortlisted candidates.
  • Medical Statement: Successful candidates will be asked to provide a voluntary medical statement.
  1. Although the complete application process is online but in case applicants are having problems in completing the online application process they can send the printout of the online application form along with other documents to The Rhodes Trust by the means of registered post.

Selection Procedure of Rhodes Scholarship for India:

  1. Stage 1- Shortlisting: Candidates will be shortlisted from all the received applications and the shortlisted candidates will be interviewed.
  2. Stage 2- Preliminary Interviews: Candidates shortlisted in the first stage will be called for interviews at the regional centers including Delhi, Bengaluru, and Kolkata. Those candidates residing outside India will be interview either by Video Conferencing or on phone.
  3. Stage 3- Final Interviews: The candidates selected in Preliminary Interviews will be called for the final in-person interview anytime between October and December 2017.

Contact Details:

  1. The applicant can contact to following address: Professor Mr. Nandan Kamath, The Secretary, The Rhodes Scholarships in India International Centre for Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology, PO Box 10504, Aruna Asaf Ali Marg, New Delhi 110067 India.
  2. Phone No: +91 11 2674 1260
  3. Fax No: +91 11 2674 2316
  4. E-mail ID:

References & Details:

  1. For more information regarding Rhodes Scholarship for India visit:

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