Rythu Lakshmi Scheme Telangana: Farmers to get ₹8,000 per year & insurance ₹5 lakh | eligibility, documents required & how to apply?

The Telangana state government has allocated ₹12,000 crores for the Rythu Lakshmi Scheme for farmers in the state. The scheme was announced by the Chief Minister KC Rao. The budget allocation was announced by the Finance Minister Eatala Rajender during the budget session in the state assembly. Under the scheme the yearly financial assistance is provided to all the farmers in the state. ₹500 crores are allocated as well to offer insurance cover for each of the farmers in the state.

What is Rythu Lakshmi Scheme (RLS)? A Financial Investment Support Scheme (FISS) to provide financial assistance of ₹4,000 per acre will be provided at the beginning of each of the sowing seasons to the farmers.

Rythu Lakshmi Scheme (RLS) Benefits:

  • Financial assistance of Rs. 8,000 per acre to be provided to all the farmers in the state
  • The amount will be provided in 2 installments of Rs. 4,000 each
  • Rs. 4,000 to be provided at the start of Kharif season
  • Remaining amount Rs. 4,000 will be provided at the start of Yasangi season
  • With the financial assistance farmers dont need to take any loans for sowing
  • The money can be used to buy seeds, fertilizers, pesticides, labour etc
  • Since major cost of agriculture is covered by the Rythu Lakshmi Scheme, loan waivers etc are not required and farmers can use their own money for other developmental purposes
  • The scheme is expected to reduce farmer suicides
  • RLS / FISS is expected to increase the farmers earnings
  • Insurance cover of Rs. 5 lakh each is provided to all the farmers in the state

Rythu Lakshmi Scheme Implementation:

  • A budget of Rs. 12,000 crores is allocated for the scheme
  • The cheques will be distributed in 3 phases
  • The cheques distribution will begin on April 19th
  • The government has established Rythu Samanvaya Samiti is establish to identify the beneficiaries and distribute cheques
  • Mr. Gutha Sukhender Reddy is appointed as chairman of the committee
  • The scheme will benefit all 1.43 crore farmers in the state
  • The scheme covers 1.63 crore acres of land in the state

Rythu Lakshmi Scheme (RLS) Eligibility:

  • All the farmers who are residents of the state of Telangana are eligible for the scheme
  • There is no min or max cap on the land holding. Every farmers rich or poor or belonging to any caste or socio-economic status are eligible for the scheme

Rythu Lakshmi Scheme (RLS): Documents Required and How to Apply/Register?

  • The state government via Rythu Samanvaya Samiti will provide land ownership passbook based on the land ownership to all the farmers in the state
  • Rythu Samanvaya Samiti will work with the state revenue department to comeup with the list of beneficiaries
  • The Land Ownership Passbook will have all the details of the farmers such as name, AADHAAR details, land holding size, land survey number etc
  • Based on the Land Ownership Passbook Rythu Lakshmi Scheme subsidy will be provided

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