Safe City Surveillance Scheme: to protect women in public places in Bihar

The Chief Minister of Bihar has approved Safe City Surveillance Scheme to protect women from eve-teasing and other crimes in public places. CCTV cameras will be installed in all the public places in all the cities in Bihar. Rs. 110.68 crores are sanctioned for Patna alone and will be the first city to implement Safe City Surveillance Scheme.

The decision was taken in the state cabinet meeting along with several other decisions such as:

  • New posts will be created for better security and administration in prison. New posts includes three posts of Deputy Superintendent, four Assistant Superintendents, 17 “Mukhya Uchch Kakshpal” (Chief Senior Warders), two “Uchch Kakshpal” (Senior Warders), 16 “Kakshpal” (warders) and 52 drivers.
  • For better traffic management in Nagar Nigams and towns under 2 lakh population 9 traffic police stations (Yatayat Thana) will be setup. 1485 posts of various ranks in the traffic police department will be filled
  • Financial assistance of Rs. 25,000 be given to Muslim divorce
  • New Toyota Innova Crysta cars will be purchased for Judges of Patna High Courts at the cost of 9.09 crores


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