Sahayahastham Scheme, Kerala

To provide a financial assistance by providing interest free loans

Kerala Government launched a new loan scheme ‘Sahayahastham’ for women in the state. It was approved by CMO Kerala, Mr. Pinarayi Vijayan. This scheme mainly covers 1.95 lakh neighbourhood groups (NHGs) under the Kudumbashree which is a poverty eradication and women empowerment programme of the government. Under this scheme interest free loans are provided to the beneficiaries. The main of this scheme is empowering women and providing financial help.

Scheme Overview:

Scheme name:Sahayahastham scheme
Scheme by:Kerala Government
Approved by:CMO Kerala, Pinarayi Vijayan
Main Beneficiaries:1.95 lakh member women of NHGs under Kudumbashree
Benefit:Interest free loans
Major Objective:Financial aid through provision of interest free loans
Loan Amount:Rs. 5000 – Rs.20,000
Total Scheme amount:Rs.2000 crores

List of scheme for women

Scheme Objectives:

  • The main objective of the scheme is to empower the women
  • This scheme aims to provide a financial assistance by providing interest free loans
  • This scheme also aims to help people who lost their livelihood opportunities due to the COVID-19 pandemic
  • It aims to encourage the financial stability of women across the state.

Scheme Benefits:

  • This scheme will mainly help 1.95 lakh women belonging to the self-help groups
  • Total beneficiaries of the scheme are about 22.77 lakh women
  • Loans will be issued at 9% interest rates to the women but the interest amount will be paid by the state government and the women will get them without any interest.
  • The principal loan amount will have to repaid from 6 months after sanctioning the loan up to 3 years.
  • It will better the way of living of these women and their families.
  • It will boost the rural economy of the state in the long run.


  • This scheme is only applicable to women
  • Applicant woman should be permanent resident of Kerala
  • Should be a member woman in an NHG under Kudumbashree

Key Points:

  • Sahayahastham scheme is a scheme under which interest free loans are provided to the women belonging to self-help groups
  • The loan amount provided to the women under this scheme is Rs. 5000 to Rs.20,000 each
  • The interest rate on such loans is 9% and will be borne by Kerala government
  • Main lenders in this scheme are Primary agricultural credit cooperative societies, Scheduled and Private banks.
  • Total beneficiaries under the scheme are 22.77 lakhs and major beneficiaries are 1.95 lakh women belonging to NHGs under the Kudumbashree
  • Loans under this scheme are consumption loans so as to help the people who lost their livelihood opportunities due to COVID-19 pandemic
  • Total scheme worth is Rs. 2000 crores


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