Satat Jivikoparjan Yojana Bihar: Scheme for families hit by liquor ban

The Chief Minister of Bihar Shree Nitish Kumar banned liquor in the state in 2017 as he promised in the election manifesto. The ban was well appreciated by the people of Bihar and the country. But the ban had serious effects on the people and their families involved in the liquor trade. So the Bihar Government announced a new scheme called Satat Jivikoparjan Yojana (सतत जीविकोपार्जन योजना) Scheme for the rehabilitation. Under the scheme Rs 840 crore will be spent on providing alternative employment.

More than 1 lakh poor and dalit families were affected due to the ban on the country liquor and toddy (fermented palm sap) who were dependent on trade for livelihood before prohibition. The Bihar Rural Livelihoods Promotion Society (Jeevika) will implement the scheme under rural development department.

Satat Jivikoparjan Yojana: A scheme for rehabilitation of families affected due to alcohol ban

Satat Jivikoparjan Yojana Objective: To bring poor and dalit families who were affected due to liquor ban in the Bihar in the mainstream within 3 years

Satat Jivikoparjan Yojana Eligibility:

  • Poor and dalit families who were affected due to the liquor ban in Bihar
  • The families will be selected based on the social survey
  • Local Jeevika Organizations too can recommend such families

Satat Jivikoparjan Yojana Benefits:

  • Alternate employment/self-employment opportunities will be created for such people
  • They will be engaged in cow, goat and sheep rearing, poultry farming and other such activities
  • Rs. 60,000 will be spent on each of these families
  • The higher amount of upto Rs. 1 lakh too can be given on the need basis to such families
  • Youth from these families will be trained and provided employment under skill development programmes

There are 2.5 percent population in the state which is assumed to be affected by the present liquor ban. The Satat Jivikoparjan Yojana is tested in the Sitamarhi and Katihar districts of Bihar and are successful.


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