Scheme For Establishment of Hi-Tech & Mini Dairy Units

Haryana being famous for its farms and cattle there is a scheme for making the dairy units more advanced and productive. Following the traditional methods for the same purpose will not yield great results. Due to same reason the Scheme For Establishment of Hi-Tech & Mini Dairy Units which provides financial assistance to the farmer/beneficiary who wish to take this activity. Government provides 25% subsidy on the amount of project and the scheme already showed great results in the year 2015. The government targeted 5000 dairy farms in the state by the end of 12th financial year and out of which 4893 farms are established. Next proposal is to set 2000 dairy farms of milch animals. The working of scheme is in commercial manner, commercial banks which comes under Agriculture Finance will finance the dairy plant setup out of which 25% is the subsidy. The scheme also ensures that the plan proves a success plan by providing training to the naïve person willing to set up a plant.

Benefits of Scheme For Establishment of Hi-Tech & Mini Dairy Units:

  • 25% subsidy on setting up dairy farm: The scheme will give 25% subsidy on the total cost of setting up a dairy farm, due to which the government will pay 25%
  • 50% subsidy on buying the cattle: Under the scheme the beneficiary will get 50% subsidy on the total cost of buying a cow of Hariana & Sahiwal breed.
  • Increase in milk production: Increase in the number of dairy farms will gradually increase the milk production

Eligibility for Scheme For Establishment of Hi-Tech & Mini Dairy Units:

  1. Applicant must be unemployed
  2. Must be the resident of Haryana state
  3. Must be from rural area
  4. Below Poverty Line Families
  5. Widows
  6. Families having no member in government /semi government/private job
  7. Land holding less than 2.5 acres
  8. Landless families
  9. Families having no livestock but having aptitude and housing facilities to rear livestock

Documents Required:

  1. Residential Proof (electricity bill, water connection bill, gas connection bill, ration card, voter id, Aadhar card, pan card or driving license)
  2. Aadhar Card
  3. Passport size photographs (keep more than one copy)
  4. Ration card
  5. Land proofs (sale deed, 7/12, ferfar)
  6. An affidavit stating the person is having no other job

Application form:

To apply for the scheme beneficiary has to visit commercial bank which is under Agriculture Finance and need to apply for the scheme.

Whom to contact where to contact for more information about the scheme:

  1. Gram Panchayat
  2. Sub Divisional Officer (Animal Husbandry)
  3. Local Veterinary Surgeon (to identify the beneficiary)
  4. Representative of finance providing authority
  5. Representative of Insurance Company

References and Details:

For more details about the scheme kindly visit the following link

  1. Published report of the scheme pdf:


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