Scheme for Granting Subsidy to Students from Border Areas under Border Areas Development Programme

The effect of the partition of India in 1947, the people living in India-Bangladesh Border suffered very economic distress due to closure of normal trade channels with our neighboring country. The people of those areas have been experiencing great difficulty to give proper education of their children on account of economic instability, many students from Border Areas have given up their studies after the lower primary stage on account of their parents economic problem. Obviously, the majority of the students hailing from those areas are handicapped and cannot catch up with those living in non-border areas. Border area scholarship is awarded to students hailing from villages notified as Border area villages by Border Area Development. This scheme is a grant/subsidy only. So a student enjoying this scholarship can also enjoy with any other scholarship scheme.

Benefits of Border area scholarship scheme:

  1. HSC : the student who passed HSC in following division will be given financial assistance as per follow:
  2. 1st Division – Rs. 200/- per month
  3. 2nd Division – Rs. 100/- per month
  4. 3rd Division – Rs. 50/- per month
  5. Degree B.A./B.Sc./B.Com – Rs. 300/- per month
  6. M.A./M.Sc./M.Com – Rs. 400/- per month
  7. Engineering/Technical/Agriculture – 500/- per month

Required Eligibility and Conditions for Applying Border area scholarship Scheme:

  1. The candidates will be awarded with a scholarship yearly wise on the basis of promotion examinations
  2. The candidate’s mother and father’s income from sources must be obtained from border area
  3. Service is not eligible for subsidy/scholarships
  4. Ed./Ph.D./M.Phil. are not entitled for subsidy/scholarship
  5. Scholarship/subsidy will be awarded to students whose villages included in the notified border areas villages given by Border Area Department
  6. If the selected candidates participate in any Govt. Political Activities/ Demonstration will cause the loss of scholarship
  7. The continuation of the scholarship will depends on the good conduct, regular in attendance and satisfactory progress of the students
  8. If the scholars found taken leave theirs studies before the completion of the course of study then he/she will be suspended
  9. The selected candidates under this scholarship scheme will be free to avail any other scholarship as this scheme is only grant or subsidy

 Document Required for Applying Border area scholarship scheme:

  1. Application Form
  2. Domicile certificate
  3. Aadhar card
  4. Previous Year Mark sheet
  5. Bank details e.g. IFSC code, MICR code, Branch name, Account number
  6. Recommendation letter of the Head of the Institution
  7. Income Certificate
  8. Permanent Residential Certificate

Application Procedure:

  1. Application form: Applicant should download application form from link mentioned-
  2. Completed application form together with all the necessary enclosures should submit in the respective school/college in which student study

Contact Details:

  1. The student should contact to the head of the Institute in which they study

References & Details:

  1. For more details regarding documents and other help please visit official website:


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