SEHAT Health Scheme, Jammu & Kashmir

To provide a coverage of life and health of people in the state

On December 26, 2020, Hon. PM Narendra Modi will launch ‘SEHAT’ health scheme for Jammu & Kashmir. This scheme will apply to entire Jammu & Kashmir union territory. It is a health insurance scheme launched for the residents of the union territory. It mainly tends to cover the remaining residents excluded or remained under Ayushman Bharat PM Jan Arogya Yojana (PMJAY). With the introduction and implementation of this scheme Jammu & Kashmir will be the first place to achieve universal health coverage in India.

Scheme Overview:

Scheme name:SEHAT Health Scheme
Implemented under:Jammu & Kashmir Government
Will be Launched by:Prime Minster Narendra Modi
Launch Date:December 26, 2020
Beneficiaries:Residents of Jammu & Kashmir
Benefit:Health Insurance cover
Objective:To provide a coverage of life and health of people in the state

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Objectives and Benefits:

  • The main objective of the scheme is to protect and cover the residents in the state
  • This scheme will provide an insurance cover for all the residents
  • Majority of population is already covered under PMJAY, still some residents are remained or were excluded thereby thus this scheme will mainly cover the remaining population
  • The insurance cover under this scheme is cash free/ cashless
  • This scheme will enable to maintain a balance of life and health of the people
  • It will enable Jammu & Kashmir to achieve universal health coverage
  • Jammu & Kashmir will be the first place to achieve this milestone in India as a whole

Scheme Details:

  • SEHAT health scheme is a health insurance scheme to be launched by PM Narendra Modi on December 26, 2020
  • This scheme will be launched and implemented in Jammu & Kashmir
  • It is a health scheme launched for the benefit of the residents in the state
  • Under the scheme, residents in the state will be provided an insurance cover
  • This is a cashless/ cash free scheme
  • Golden Cards will be issued to the beneficiaries
  • Distribution of these cards will start form December 26, 2020 itself
  • Majority of the population of Jammu & Kashmir is already covered under PMJAY but the remaining residents or the excluded ones were deprived of the health insurance cover and benefits
  • With the launch of this scheme the remaining population will be covered
  • About 16 lakh patient and other resident registrations are already done till date and remaining beneficiaries will be added soon
  • All the pre-existing diseases will be covered under the scheme
  • It will assist people in their tough times and thus, will turn out as a boon to the residents of the state
  • With the implementation of this scheme, Jammu and Kashmir will become the first place in entire India to achieve universal health coverage


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