Smart Ration Card Scheme (SRCS) Punjab: new Atta-Dal Scheme eligibility, documents required & how to apply?

The Government of Punjab has launched new Atta-Dal Scheme called as Smart Ration Card Scheme (SRCS) under National Food Security Mission of the Government of India (NFSA). Under the new scheme ration will be delivered through biometric system. The objective of the new scheme is to make sure that the ration is delivered to the poor and needy intended beneficiaries and to avoid corruption in the delivery system. 1.41 crore people in the state will be benefited by the new  Smart Ration Card Scheme and scheme is set to launch from 1st April 2018. The government will be planning to propose budget of 500 crore for the scheme in the upcoming budget 2018-19.

What is Smart Ration Card Scheme (SRCS) Punjab? A new robust Aatta-Dal Scheme by the government of Punjab under which ration will be distributed using AADHAAR based bio-metric system.

Smart Ration Card Scheme (SRCS) Benefits:

  • 1.42 people across Punjab will be benefited under the SRCS scheme
  • Wheat will be given at Rs. 2 per kilogram
  • The ration will be delivered using new robust AADHAAR based bio-metric system
  • Wheat will be given in 30 KG standard packaging
  • Six months ration (wheat) will be given in one go
  • The ration will be delivered at the doorstep of the beneficiaries
  • Beneficiaries can keep the bags in which the ration is given to them
  • There is no upper cap on the number of family members in one family, every member of the family will get 5 KG wheat per month
  • Half kilo-gram of Dal too will be given every month to every beneficiary under the scheme at Rs. 20 KG
  • One kilo gram Sugar and 100 gram of tea will be given at subsidized rates too under the SRCS

How Smart Ration Card Scheme (SRCS) works?

  • Beneficiaries will be notified using SMS the availability of ration at the fair price shop and also been told that for how many days the ration will be distributed
  • Beneficiary needs to carry his/her ration card along with AADHAAR card to the government ration store
  • They need to provide bio-metric impressions (thumb impressions)
  • Based on the AADHAAR details the beneficiary will be given his ration

More Details:

The Punjab Government will procure the grains for the SRCS under De-Centralized Procurement (DCP) scheme and will be stored at 269 dedicated DCP godowns. The rations will be distributed throught 16,738 Fair Price Shops (FPS) across the state. Anna Antodaya Yojna category families get 35 kg wheat per month where as priority household category beneficiaries get 5 kg wheat per month.The state government distributes 8.70 lakh MT wheat every year.

New Atta Dal Scheme in Punjab / पंजाब आटा दाल योजना


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