Solar Agriculture Scheme, HDVS Scheme & Charging Stations Maharashtra

The Maharashtra Government will launch three important schemes Solar Agriculture Scheme, HDVS Scheme and Charging Stations. The Chief Minister of Maharashtra Shree Devendra Fadanvis will inaugurate all three schemes. Solar agriculture and HDVS schemes are for the farmers in the state and is expected to provide required electricity. The third scheme which to provide charging stations to the electric vehicles in the state.

Solar Agriculture Scheme: Presently farmers are given electricity for only 8-10 hours in a day on the rotation basis. Most the electricity is provided in the odd hours. To make sure that the farmers get electricity during the day so that they can carry out their agricultural activities government is planning to provide solar powered agricultural pumps. Atal Solar Krishi Pump Yojana along with some other scheme are as mentioned below:

High Pressure Distribution System (HDVS): The scheme is for farmers again to provide uninterrupted power supply at appropriate pressure. Under the scheme every 2-3 agricultural pumps will given separate high pressure transformer. The scheme will benefit 2.24 lakh farmers in the state. The Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Company Limited (MSEDCL) will implement the scheme.

Charging Stations for Electric Vehicles: The Government of India along with Maharashtra Government and started promoting use of electric vehicles so reduce pollution. Both the government has subsidies and tax benefits on the purchase of electric vehicles. Under the new scheme government will install 500 charging stations for the electric vehicles across the state. This project too will be implemented by MSEDCL. The charging stations will be set up in phases. The first phase of the charging station installation has already began.

Other Important Schemes:

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