Solar Pump Voltaic Irrigation Pump Scheme (SPVIPS) Uttar Pradesh: 70% subsidy on solar pumps for UP farmers / सौर पंप वोल्टिक सिंचाई पंप योजना (एसपीवीआईपीएस) / सौर पंप वितरण योजना: उत्तर प्रदेश किसानों के लिए सौर पंपों पर ७०% सब्सिडी

The Uttar Pradesh government has launched Solar Pump Voltaic Irrigation Pump Scheme (SPVIPS) to provide subsidized solar pumps to the farmers in UP. It is a solar water pump distribution scheme. 10,000 solar powered agricultural water pumps will be provided at the subsidy of 70% for irrigation purposes. The subsidy will be provided to the farmers on first come-first serve basis. The scheme will be implemented in the year 2018-19. The main objective of the scheme is to make sure that farmers has sufficient power for agricultural irrigation.

What is Solar Pump Voltaic Irrigation Pump Scheme (SPVIPS)? A UP government scheme to provide solar water pumps at the subsidy of 70% to the farmers in the state.

SPVIPS Objectives:

  • To provide sufficient power to the farmers for agricultural purposes
  • To make sure that the electricity is available during day time and farmers need not work in the night for irrigating their farms
  • To promote use of solar energy
  • To save electricity generated using conventional methods
  • To promote clean energy and to conserve nature
  • To increase farmers income

UP Solar Pump Voltaic Irrigation Pump Scheme Benefits:

  • 70% subsidy on 2-3 HP solar pump (subsidy of Rs 51,840)
  • 40% subsidy on 5 HP solar pump for farmers with 10-15 acres of land (subsidy of Rs 77,700 )
  • Farmers don’t have to use electric and solar pumps and save on their diesel and electricity bill expenses

UP Solar Pump Distribution Scheme Eligibility:

  • Scheme is applicable for small and marginal farmers in the state
  • The pumps will be given on first come first serve basis

UP Solar Pump Voltaic Irrigation Pump Scheme (SPVIPS): Application forms, registrations & how to apply?

Registrations and application forms for the UP solar pump distribution scheme 2018-19 will be made available on the Agriculture Department Uttar Pradesh official website Farmers needs to register themself between 15th November 2018 to 10th December 2018. They need to submit bank draft of the amount they need to pay after subsidy.

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