Special Advisory to Indian Travelers

Tourism is the all-time favorite thing one would love to do once in a lifetime. Many people plan there blind trip where they just start their trip without any plans. This unplanned journey is always a best thing one can do, you get better insight, feel about your motherland, your country. But when this practice is executed at an international level the risk factor is 200% higher than what it is in your home country.  Traveler has to be alert all time and has to react as soon as he/she finds something disturbing. There are many such countries where you need to be aware of that country’s current situations, crime rate, and safe localities and so on. Similar to this sample there are certain advisories which an Indian traveler should know.

Countries that are not safe for the tourist and why?

Brazil: The country has the highest rate of homicide per capita in the world, not only this it is found that tourist are brutally killed, raped and most common is mugging up the bags and cash outside the banks and ATMs. Moreover the country is hit by virus Zika virus. So it is advisable to be very cautious about the things happening around you while you are exploring Brazil and avoid getting bitten by mosquitoes.

Middle East: Right now Middle East is the most unstable place on earth. The region has turned into a war zone where terrorist group established their so called caliphate and are spreading their control over the entire country and neighboring countries. The countries affected by this war between ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) and Govt. are Iraq, Libya, Syria. There are continuous air strikes, bombarding and firing led by USA, UK, France, Russia, Turkey and Saudi Arabia in the country to destroy the ISIS army and their caliphate. With this there is serious racket of abducting international travelers is active which kidnaps the people of other countries and then ask for ransom money to the government and on not fulfilling their demands hostages are killed by cutting their head off. Up till now they have killed hostages from UK, USA, Japan, Jordan and there may be many. So it is advised not to travel to the Middle East region.

Mexico: Since Mexico is not that unsafe only few parts in the country are dangerous to travel if you are well aware of the parts you can avoid dangerous situations. Tourist is Mexico complained about the following incidents like Kidnaping, Carjacking and robbery by organized criminal group. There are other parts too where serious crimes like murders also take place so be aware of such places. Another concern for not traveling to Mexico is Drug network in Mexico. There are always hunters in common people targeting naïve tourist for their use. So it is advised that beware of such places in the Mexico.

North Korea: North Korea is the destination which is not so happening. The complete travel at North Korea is monitored. When tourist enters the country his cell phones are kept with security forces and are checked every now and then. Anything found suspicious will put you in trouble. You are not allowed to talk to any local, you are not allowed to leave the hotel without a guide, your each and every activity is monitored, your phone calls are taped, and you are under a bastion where you are always a suspect of espionage. If you break any of rules you are being charged by criminal laws and are punished and guide with you also suffer with the charges of espionage. Even your passport is taken away from you when you enter the country and a minute difference in your passport which makes it little different from others can put you in trouble. There is a ban on tourist from Israel, USA, Japan and UK entering the country but since 2010 Americans are allowed to travel to North Korea. If you are the one who cannot bear so many restrictions at all it is advised not to enter North Korea.

Colombia, Venezuela and Peru: Travelers visiting these three countries are advised to be very attentive and requested not to believe any stranger. These countries has the most dangerous and wide drug mafia network.

Madagascar, Ethiopia and few other African Countries: These African countries are again terrorist prone area. The Islamic extremist group named Boko Haram is active here which is also known for its cruelty. It’s advised not to travel to these countries.

Pakistan: Being a neighboring country to India, Pakistan is an Islamic country and a big rival of India since partition. Travelers visiting Pakistan is advised to be careful with all their activities. Anything found suspicious may put an Indian into a big very big trouble.

These were the reviews on few countries where Indians should be careful, but apart this advisories it is requested to all Indians traveling to any international destination that be aware with whatever is happening around you and never fall prey to any kind of traps doesn’t matter how alluring that may seem to be. Have a safe and happy journey, enjoy your travel.


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