Tagore National Fellowship for Cultural Research

Tagore National Fellowship for Cultural Research Scheme has been introduced in order to encourage the various institutions under the Ministry of Culture and other identified cultural institutions in the country, by encouraging scholars/ academicians to connect themselves with these institutions to work on projects of mutual interest. The objective of this scheme is to enable the identified cultural institutions engage scholars of outstanding merit, to work on research projects that investigate and solve their unexplored resources. The main objectives of these institutions and to enrich them with a new creative edge and academic excellence. The Scheme will be open to both Indian nationals and foreign citizens. Under the Scheme, scholars are invited to devote 2 years to pursue research in one or more of these Cultural Institutions, so as to produce a valuable work based on the resources available in the Institutions and make it known to the wider public.

Benefits of Tagore National Fellowship for Cultural Research:

  • Tagore National Fellowship for Cultural Research provided benefits in the form of financial assistance for research in culture
  • The scheme envisages two categories of awards. The first category is Tagore National Fellows in which there are 15 scholarships and second category is Tagore Research Scholars in which there are 25 scholarship
  • Tagore National fellows will get a Rs. 80,000/- per month
  • And Tagore Research Scholars will get Rs. 50,000/- per month

Eligibility of Tagore National Fellowship for Cultural Research:

  1. Scholars who have sound academic or professional credentials and have made significant contribution to knowledge in their respective fields, as reflected in publications in reputed and referred journals are eligible
  2. Scholars must have a strong reputation in the field covered by the Nodal Institution
  3. Scholars should be the highest standing in terms of research and years of experience and have a very impressive list of publications, that have found acceptability in the scholarly world
  4. A scholar person selected for the Tagore National Fellowship should be one who has already become a ‘legend’ in his area of work or is regarded very highly

Documents Required:

  1. One self-attested copy of all educational qualification certificates (degrees, diplomas)
  2. One self-attested copy of matriculation examination certificate (SSC)
  3. Birth Certificate
  4. One recent passport size photograph
  5. Complete online application form
  6. Degree/Certificate by Guru/Institutes in the chosen art form

 Application Procedure:

  1. Applicants are required to submit online applications on the Website of the Ministry i.e. http://indiaculture.nic.in  or http://scholarships.gov.in/#
  2. Click on Tagore National Fellowship for Cultural Research scheme
  3. Click on Registration
  4. Fill up the Registration Form
  5. Get Username and Password for Login
  6. Fill up the form and submit

Contact Details:

  1. The candidate can contact to the section officer (S&F) section in Ministry of Culture
  2. Phone No.: 011-24642157
  3. Email ID: scholar-culture@nic.in
  4. The candidate can also contact to Director, Nehru Memorial Museum & Library, Teen Murti Bhawan, New Delhi-110001.
  5. Phone No.: 011-23016350
  6. Email ID: ddnehrumemorial@gmail.com
  7. The scholar can visit following links for more contact detail: http://indiaculture.gov.in/contact-us

References and Details:

  1. For getting more detailed information please visit official site http://www.indiaculture.nic.in/scheme-tagore-national-fellowship
  2. http://nehrumemorial.nic.in/en/tagore-national-fellowship.html
  3. http://rabindranathtagore-150.gov.in/tagore-national-fellowship.html


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