Team India Got New Coach

BCCI appointed former Indian cricket captain Anil Kumble as Head Coach of Team India for one year. Anil Kumble will take a charge ahead of upcoming India tour against West-Indies. Cricket Adviser committee member Sachin Tendulkar, V.V.S Laxman and Saurav Gangually submitted few names to BCCI and later discussion and decided and select Anil Kumble as a Head coach of Indian Cricket Team. Anil Kumble has a great cricket record known as legendary spinner and also worked as a Indian Cricket Captain in Indian Cricket Team so that is a main reason behind it for chose Head Coach of Indian Cricket Team. Kumble is the first Indian to be appointed full-time India coach since Kapil Dev resigned in September 2000.

About Anil Kumble : Anil Kumble is a current Indian Cricket Team Head Coach. Anil Kumble has 18 years of experience of cricket. He was worked as Bowler and Captain. He finished as India’s highest wicket-taker in Tests, and the third-highest overall, with 619 wickets, including a best of 10 for 74 against Pakistan in Delhi in 1999. He was appointed team India’s Test captain on 2007and he led India in 14 matches, winning three, losing five and drawing six, until his retirement a year later.

  1. Anil Kumble got Arjun award for sport on 1995 from Government of India
  2. Anil Kumble got one of the wisdom cricketers of the year award in 1996
  3. Anil Kumble got Padma Shri award (civilian award from the Government ) on 2005
  4. Anil Kumble got ICC cricket hall of fame award (sports award from the ICC) in 2005

Anil Kumble involvement in cricket association:

  1. Anil Kumble appointed as commissioner of World-Anti-Doping Agency on 2009
  2. He was elected as president of Karnataka Cricket Association on 21st November 2008
  3. Anil Kumble was appointed as Chairman of ICC cricket council
  4. On 23rd June 2016, He was appointed as Head of Indian Cricket Team

Comments for Anil Kumble:

  • We have Anil Kumble with us. He has been a match-winner for India. He has a great record. And his record speaks… his individual achievements as far winning matches for India is concerned- Anurag Thakur (BCCI president)
  • My approach will always be players-first – Anil Kumble (Indian Team Coach)
  • Acche din Ahead- Sunil Gawaskar (Former Indian Captain)
  • To have a coach who cud play wid broken jaw would be an inspiration for guys in dressing room- Virendra Sehwag (Former Indian Player)
  • Kumble is polish, cool and composed- Jawahagar Srinath ( Former Indian Player)




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