Things not to do when you are travelling abroad

For every to do list there is a not to do list. There might be many things not to do when you are travelling abroad because the things which is okay from your point of view may not be okay for someone else. Like showing a thumb up sign means alright for U.S., U.K., India and many other countries but in Iran and Turkey showing thumbs up is offensive. Similarly carrying an alcohol in Dubai can led you in jail. To avoid many such circumstances where you face such troubles, or other gets trouble by you there are certain things which one should not do while travelling abroad.

Not to do list:

  1. Don’t eat at major tourist place: Rates of food at any major site will be double than what actually it deserve. So, better explore little more inside the city and find a great deal for yourself.
  2. Don’t exchange money at airport: Airports apply heavy charges on money conversion and you’ll end up paying extra charges for your own money. Use ATMs or credit cards around airport.
  3. Don’t bring travelers checks: For travelers moving without any cash travelers check was used but since world is getting digitized very few organizations are accepting traveler’s checks now.
  4. Don’t look at only search engines: Usually popular search engine will display popular flight deals, look for the deals on multiple sources sometimes the less popular one throws a super-hot deal
  5. Don’t skip travel insurance: Having a travel insurance makes your travelling double secured. No one knows what will happen during travel. Any accident, electronic device gets damage, or any natural calamity. In such situations travel insurance will help you out.
  6. Don’t avoid hospitality networks: Hospitality networks is the kind of group and their network which let travelers get involved with locals and understand and exchange each other’s culture
  7. Avoid Taxis: Taxis are always a money sucking machine. Unless you are sharing the fare or want to get somewhere late at night don’t use them, use public transports as much as possible like buses, trains, metros, subways and trams.
  8. Don’t get over excited and book tickets: It is quite evident that anyone planning a trip will be super excited and will book all plane and hotel tickets. But don’t do that. Wait till last minute to get some super exciting deals. Many cruise ships and airlines to fill their unused space throw heavy offers and all you need is grab that offer.
  9. Don’t skip local tourism office: Once you land in the foreign country make sure you visit the local tourist office they have. There you will find all the information regarding local tourist spots, events and some other interesting things too.
  10. Don’t be afraid to use the map: Sometimes getting lost in the new city will let you discover new gems about the place. So, get lost explore and use a map
  11. Don’t be afraid to ask for an upgrade in hotels and flights: There is no harm in asking for an upgrade and usually hotels and planes have the flexibility and can provide you the best option to enjoy
  12. Never disrespects culture: Every country has their own culture and we being a tourist has to respect their culture too.
  13. Never dress inappropriately: Many countries have their own dress code. In India many temples don’t allow men and women wearing western clothes. In many Islamic countries women should be covered completely in hijab. So, to avoid any blasphemy wear appropriately
  14. Be careful in showing affection in public: In USA and many European countries it is very to hug and kiss in public but in few Asian countries specially Middle East showing affection will take you to the prison.

There is this link where you can find a big list of do’s and don’ts for travelling abroad: visit the link

These are the things not to do when you are travelling abroad & have to avoid while you are on a travel spree. Hope this article helps you.


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