Things to remember while travelling abroad

Travelling..!!! The word that many are addicted to is the lifetime goals of many. And when traveling is intended to any international location the travelling becomes more exciting and this excitement makes you commit mistakes. There are many chances that you may face any problem and severe problems too to which you are not prepared and this carelessness may cost you something your life. So before you start your journey there are certain things to do that may seem unnecessary but it may save you in your bad time. This article talks about the things to remember while travelling abroad.

To do list before you travel to an international destination:

  1. Medical Check-up and health insurance: Before you travel make sure that you have a complete body checkup and you have taken all the vaccinations of the kind of viruses active at the foreign country. Also make sure that your medical insurance applied overseas for emergencies.
  2. Bring copies of your passport: If your bag gets stolen which has passport or you have lost your passport you must have a copy of passport so that you may return to your country.
  3. Leave a copy of your passport: As a backup for some of the worst condition keep a copy of passport at your home or with someone whom you trust. You can even keep an electronic copy of your passport saved in your email drafts.
  4. Register with your embassy: God forbid if there is any problem with the country you travelled in your government will have your records and can contact you to take you to safety.
  5. Make sure you know you have to convert currency: Before travelling make sure you know the currency of destined country and you have the sources from where you can convert your currency into required one.
  6. Working Credit Cards: Make sure your credit card is working before many countries in Europe are turning cashless and are supporting secure chip and PIN technology for money transactions and very few organization accepts outdated magnetic-strip cards.
  7. Conversion Centers for money conversion: Use conversion centers around the airport in the country you are visiting, they will give exact conversion no extra charges via ATMs or credit cards whereas centers at airport take heavy charges on converting money.
  8. Have some cash with you: Not all places accept credit cards, so to pay at such places have some cash with you. (e.g. trains, taxis and buses)
  9. Inform your bank about your travelling: This is because suppose you are from India and all of a sudden when transactions will happen in dollars bank will think it’s a fraud and they will block the credit card.
  10. Check entry and exit policies of the country you are going: Many countries charge the traveler while entering or leaving the country which is an extra charge from apart from air tickets. Please be well aware about this policy before entering/leaving.
  11. Start googling and book tickets in advance of locals: Be well prepared with your plans and if you are sure about the places you will be visiting book tickets in advance to avoid long queues after you land there.
  12. Take help of guidebooks and apps available: Take help of guidebooks well before you actually land in the country. There are ample of apps too which will help you understand the place with maps, keywords, directions, attractions and many more.
  13. Have a to do list of events: Many tourist destinations keeps on organizing events, concerts, exhibitions and competitions, do some research and make a list of all those activities you want to do.
  14. Carry Charger Adapter: Many countries have different types of plug sizes and voltages so make sure you carry your own charger and adapter.
  15. Check voltage of your electronics: Every country have their own voltage supply. So, the electronic device from country A with voltage X will not work in country B with voltage Y.
  16. Keep you cell phone on global capabilities: This will enhance the performance of your pone once it enters into international border. It has some charges but less than what roaming service charges.
  17. Get travel related apps installed on your cellular device: There are many apps which provides information and great deal on flight tickets, hotel bookings, map, and key events of that country. (apps like makemytrip & Flight track for plane tickets, Travelzoo for all traveling aspects, XE currency for currency conversion rates, Weather Pro to get updates on weather and so on)
  18. Carry one pair of apparel in your carry bag: In case airline lost your luggage and you had all your clothes in luggage bag, you’ll have nothing to wear except some fancy dress throughout the journey.
  19. Check the maximum weight of luggage allowed in airline: Check with the airline you are flying the maximum number of bags and their weight to avoid any extra charges for extra number of bags or exceeding the weight of bags.
  20. Carry Snacks: Sometimes exciting abroad journey becomes an unbearable task because of the food. The foreign land does not serve the same food as your home country unless you go to any specific restaurant, till then have some snacks with you.
  21. Keep your home safe: Every person plans a vacation to have some stress free time, and while vacation also home security makes you worried. So before you leave for foreign country make sure your house is safe, you must be wondering how? Just have a CCTV cameras installed and there’s an API alarm app which is in phone and it starts alarming when someone tries to intrude the security and in the meantime even from a foreign country you can inform police department about the incident.
  22. Make a diary of all your important contacts: Relying completely on technology is not a good idea. What if you are in the middle of somewhere and phone is discharged, you need very urgent help telephone booth is also there but you don’t remember the contact number. So to avoid such situations be well prepared or use which make a virtual copy of all your mobile phone contacts and whenever you login you’ll have all your contacts.
  23. Carry valid documents: Make sure all your documents are up to date. For example if your passport expires when you’ll be some other country it’s better to get your passport renewed before leaving your home country
  24. Better be aware of things allowed in luggage: Every country has their own rules and restrictions on travelers carrying luggage like there is restriction on carrying the amount of gold & cash, similarly on food items, there are certain food items which are aren’t allowed to carry. So make sure you are very well aware about these things

Hope this articles answers all your concerns and will help you travel smartly.

Videos to explain few travel essentials discussed above


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