Ujala Yojana for Distributing LED Bulb & LED Tube Lights in Sikkim

The Minister of Energy & Power of Sikkim (Government of Sikkim) has launched Ujala Yojana for distributing LED bulb in Sikkim state. Under this scheme, the government has distributing LED bulb & LED tube lights at the highly subsidized rate in the state. Approximately, 14 lakhs of LED bulbs (9w) and 8 Lakhs LED tube lights (20w) will distribute to state people. Also, it is expected that LED bulbs and LED tube lights will save electricity more than 7 crore kilowatt hours per day. This scheme implemented in the state by the Energy Efficiency Services Limited (EESL) & Sikkim State Designated Agency (SSDA). The LED bulbs designed with the latest technology which names liquid emission diode technology. This new technology gives the less consumption of power and high luminosity. The 9 watt of power consumed by the Ujala bulbs. These Ujala bulbs give the 10 times more energy as compared with the normal bulb and it also provides at a cheap cost. The total energy consumption will slow down in the country through these LED bulbs. The bulb & tube lights comes under the Ujala Yojana has 3 years replacement warranty

Benefits of Ujala Yojana in Sikkim:

  • Government distributed LED Bulb & LED tube lights at highly subsidized rate in the Sikkim state
  • Any person can replace LED bulbs & tube lights within a time period of 3 years in a case of damage. New LED bulbs will be given free of cost to consumers
  • The LED bulbs consume less energy and save electricity
  • These LED bulbs improve the environment and negative impact of normal bulbs can be controlled
  • Through the Ujala Yojana, the public become aware of the benefit of LED bulbs
  • These LED bulbs gives high luminosity and less consumption of power

Documents required for Ujala Yojana in Sikkim:

  1. Aadhaar card
  2. Monthly electricity bill

How to apply for Ujala Yojana in Sikkim:

  1. LED Bulb & LED tube lights distributed through various distribution counter in the state. The distribution centers list and other details are available at official site ujala.gov.in
  2. The replacement also available in this distribution counter in the state

References & Details:

  1. For more details about Ujala Yojana in Sikkim: http://www.powerdepartmentsikkim.com/

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