Unique Book Banks Scheme in Punjab to be launched Soon

The Punjab Government has taken marvelous steps to increase the standards of living of the people in Punjab. Since the formation of new government in Punjab, they have taken various initiatives to benefits the state and the residents of the state as well. For every section of the society, they have taken their efforts on. Whether it is the old age people, women, adults or the youth, everybody is benefited with one or the other scheme. The poor people of the people belonging to Below Poverty Line are also given financial assistance in the various field.

A new scheme is also to be launched by the state government of Punjab for the students who are economically weak. The name of the scheme is “Unique Book Bank Scheme”. This is a scheme started to help out the students who are not able to afford books for their higher studies. It is a bitter truth that still we have a lot of population in our country who are financial weak in such a manner that they are unable to afford for their 2 times meal. There are many students also in this section. To help out such needy students the Unique Book Bank Scheme is to be launched. Under this scheme, the needy students will be provided with the books for free.

Unique Book Bank scheme is formulated in such a way that at all the schools across the Punjab state, Unique Book Banks will be opened. In these Unique Books banks, the books will be provided for free to the financially poor students. The old students or the passed out students will be requested to deposit their books in these Unique Book Bank. Then the books deposited by them will be re – used by distributing them to the poor students. The students will not be forced to deposit their old books in the Book Banks. But it is the own will of the passed out students, whether to deposit the old books in the Unique Book Bank or not. The deposit of books by the passed out students can be used by the next batch free of cost.

The Unique Book Bank Scheme will not only benefit the poor students but will also have positive effects on the environment. As we all know every year students will buy new books. For which a huge amount of paper is needed and other printing expenses etc. are also included. After one year the paper and the books are wasted. So through this scheme, the money will also be saved whereas the time utilized for printing will also be saved.

Most importantly the damage to the environment will be reduced. The NGO’s who are running such kind of schemes will also add their contribution to this scheme. Thus, in short, we can say that the scheme will help in improving the environment and will also save the money of the needy people.

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