UPI 2.0: Withdraw cash from ATM without debit card

ASG Transact Technologies introduced UPI 2.0 based app to withdraw cash from ATM without using debit card. With the app ATM card is not required to withdraw the cash and users dont need to carry the debit card all the times. Users just needs to download & install ASG Transact Technologies ATM app. With the mobile app users just need to go to any ATM, scan QR code, enter the amount & withdraw the cash. The debit card-less ATM cash withdrawal app is based on Unified Payments Interface (UPI) 2.0. The will be available on Google Play Store for Android users & Apple Store for iOS users.

The UPI 2.0 app doesn’t require ATM PIN to cash from ATMs as it works on the QR code based transactions. The app is installed on the user`s mobile applications & is safe to use. The UPI 2.0 is developed by the National Payments Corporation of India (NCPI) which is a government organization which regulates the digital payments.

How to withdraw cash from ATM without debit card & pin code?

  • Just download the UPI 2.0 app, register yourself along with your bank details verification
  • Go to any of the ATM
  • Start the UPI 2.0 mobile app on your smart-phone
  • Scan QR code on the ATM screen
  • Enter the amount you want to withdraw & get money without ATM card

The UPI 2.0 based cash withdrawal doesn`t require major change in the banking software. They just need to make minor modifications to support UPI 2.0 debit card-less cash withdrawal. All the banks are excited about the new feature & are planning to adopt to the UPI 2.0. Users & banks now dont need to worry about the ATM card theft or loss as users dont need to carry it with them all the times.

Is UPI based cash withdrawal from ATM safe?

The ATM cash withdrawal without debit card is based on the UPI 2.0 which is developed by NCPI. It is a national regulatory body for the digital transactions & controls ATM networks & UPI platform. It is safe, swift & seamless as claimed by the ASG Transact Technologies. The NCPI is reviewing the debit card-less cash withdrawal. Based on their review they will approve the platform & then people will be able to use the UPI 2.0 app to dispense cash.


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