Vadil Sukhakari Yojana, Gujarat

To protect the health of the elderly people

Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation has launched a unique scheme ‘Vadil Sukhakari Yojana’ for the elderly people. This scheme is basically a health care initiative for the old-aged people focusing on the ones with co-morbidities i.e. physical ailments like diabetes, kidney disease, heart disease, etc. Under this scheme, about 100 teams of 3 medical staff in each team will visit the elderly people/ senior citizens. Special attention will be given to the elderly people with health issues. This scheme is yet another effective health care initiative undertaken.

Scheme Overview:

Scheme name:Vadil Sukhakari Yojana
Scheme Under:Gujarat Government
Launched and Implemented By:Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation
Beneficiaries:Elderly people/ Senior Citizens
Benefit:Beneficiaries will get a free health care visit along with immunity booster package
Objective:To protect the health of the elderly people

Scheme Objectives and Benefits:

  • The main objective of this scheme is to protect the health of the elderly people
  • Under this scheme special teams will visit the elder people for their health check-up
  • Immunity booster packages will be provided to them
  • About 30,000 elder people with co-morbidities will be assisted
  • Timely check-up will improve the health and detect as well as cure the issues faster
  • Immunity Boosters with Vitamin C, Zinc tablets, Samsamani Vati, will help boost the immune system which is a priority.

List of scheme lunched by Gujarat Government

Scheme Details:

  • Vadil Sukhakari Yojana is a unique health care scheme launched by Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation
  • This scheme is launched for the elderly people
  • Under this scheme, teams containing 3 medical staff people will be formed. This team will give timely visits to the elderly people
  • Special attention will be given to people with co-morbidities/ health issues like diabetes, heart disease, kidney disease, hyper tension etc
  • Team will visit the senior citizens with co-morbidities within every 15 days
  • About 2000 elderly people will be visited every day
  • Along with health check-up they will be provided with immunity booster package
  • This package will include Vitamin C, Zinc tablets, Samsamani Vati, etc
  • Scheme aims to cover about 30,000 senior citizens
  • This record of citizens was derived from the survey conducted at the peak time of corona virus spread
  • Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation has also developed a new software for recording the data of senior citizens and their co-morbidities
  • This initiative is among one of the effective health care schemes launched


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